4 Things You Should Know Before Carrying a Baby

Every 90 seconds an infant has to go to the emergency room.

Sadly, around 1.3 million babies experience severe injuries every year. The good news is that most of the injuries are completely preventable.

For instance, falls are one of the leading causes of infant injuries. If you want to keep your little one safe from falls, you have to learn the safest ways to hold your baby. To help you out, we’ve created this short guide with some of the best baby carrying tips around.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about carrying a baby safely.

1. Carrying a Baby With Babywear

Are you planning on using babywear to carry your baby? If yes, you have to take the time to pick out the best baby carrier. You can start by making sure the carrier is the right size for your child right now. There are some carriers out there solely for infants, while others adjust with age.

Breathable Material

Finally, when it comes to carrying a baby you have to keep both your comfort and the baby’s comfort in mind. Look for carriers that use a breathable material so you and your little one don’t overheat.

2. Soap Up

Moving on, when it comes to learning how to care for a baby, hygiene is of the utmost importance. For instance, you should always wash your hands before handling a baby.

Even before the pandemic began, handwashing has always been an important part of being a parent. In a pinch, you can use hand sanitizer. However, it’s best to follow the CDC guidelines for washing your hands with soap and water.

3. Perfecting the Cradle Hold

When you’re not using a baby carrier, you may want to hold your baby in a cradle hold. Cradle holds are particularly helpful when handling newborns during their first few weeks of life. While you’re holding the newborn, keep them at chest level.

One of your hands should be supporting their neck, with the baby’s head resting in your elbow. The baby’s back, bottom, and feet will lay on the rest of the arm horizontally. Then your other arm that’s on the outside can be your free arm. The free arm can also be used to add extra support.

4. Belly or Burp Hold

Last, on our list of baby-carrying tips, let’s look at how to hold your baby on their belly. The belly-hold is a great position when you need to burp your little one and make sure you have burp cloths as well.

Start by holding the baby parallel to your body, with their head resting on your shoulder. Next, put one hand on the back of their head and neck. The other hand will sit on the baby’s bottom, and you’ll be all set!

Have a Happy and Healthy Baby

Since carrying a baby can take a toll on your body, we suggest investing in babywear today. Take a moment to look at all of the different types of baby carriers available on the market. Remember, you can buy carriers that have an adjustable size.

Having an adjustable carrier is a great way to save money, since when your baby grows the carrier can adjust to accommodate you. Once you find a carrier that meets all of your needs, your life as a parent will only get easier. For more life tips like these, read another article.