4 Things That Happen If You Avoid The Dentist

A beautiful smile is the best ornament that you can wear. You will need to visit your dentist twice a year to ensure that your teeth stay dazzling white and you avoid severe dental problems. Many times, people don’t consider dental consultation urgent and keep delaying it. But, if you postpone your dental check-up till the time you get a toothache or stinking breath, then the pain, as well as the cost of treatment, might be too much to bear. Here are some common problems that you can encounter if you avoid seeing the dentist.

1. Plaque

Bacteria combine with the mucus and food particles in your mouth, leading to a grave problem called plaque. Regular brushing can reduce the chances of plaque but not negate it entirely. Cleaning also becomes a challenge when the teeth’ alignment is not proper, making it difficult to brush or floss. Particles of food may remain stuck to the corners. Plus, if you are addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco, then the chances of developing plaque are higher. Davenport IA Dentist can diagnose and remove the plaque deeply rooted in your teeth during dental check-ups. The procedure to remove plaque is quick and pain-free if you address the problem without delay.

2. Tooth Decay And Cavity

If you ignore the development of plaque and delay the visit to the dentist, then it can lead to tooth decay and even tooth loss. Excessive plaque damages the teeth enamel, wearing it down slowly and leading to cavities. If such conditions arise,you need to discuss the issue with Wisdom tooth extraction El Paso dentist for treatments like tooth extraction, root canal, crowns, and bridges. Moreover, these procedures are extremely complicated and painful. On average, people lose five to eight teeth due to dental problems before reaching 50 years of age.

3. Bad Breath And Stains

No one likes to have bad-smelling breath, as it is a social repellent. However, if you neglect the problems of plaque and tooth decay, the bacteria accumulation will lead to a foul smell in the mouth. Timey dental check-ups ensure that even the hard-to-reach crevices of your mouth are cleaned professionally, and you don’t deal with plaque and bad breath. Drinking tea or coffee frequently leads to staining of teeth. Even in kids, this problem is prevalent nowadays because of the consumption of carbonated beverages. If not removed on time, the stains may become a permanent feature and spoil your look. While stain removal is a regular dental procedure, darker stains are harder to remove and require detailed cosmetic dentistry treatment.

4. Gum Disease

The gums are responsible for securing our teeth and the dental roots. In case you are not vigilant about the dental examination, your gums can also get affected. Accumulation of bacteria leads to gingivitis, a condition in which gums become red and swollen. Gums may also recede, weakening the hold on your teeth and leading to tooth loss, bleeding while brushing and painful gums are other symptoms of gingivitis. A related problem is periodontal disease, wherein the periodontal ligaments are affected. It also leads to excessive tooth sensitivity, bad breath, bleeding gums, and swelling. All this can be solved with regular plaque removal.

Prevention is better than cure. Hence, visiting your dentist every six months and getting a comprehensive check-up is advisable if you want to avoid excruciating pain. Pus and slight bleeding often go unnoticed. Sometimes a whitish layer develops on the tongue, or the teeth may look prolonged because of gum contraction. When distressed by the dental decay, the nerves cause heightened sensitivity, and we feel pain whenever we eat something too cold or too hot. Moreover, dental problems can show signs of other fatal diseases like cancer, heart ailments, neural complications, and diabetes. Many a time, we ignore the small dental problems and end up spending a fortune for treatment.

Nowadays, there are extremely advanced techniques for dental diagnosis and treatment. Even artificial intelligence is making a foray into the field, making it easier to do dental imaging and screening of x-rays. Leading dentists use these technologies to analyze data and provide the most accurate treatment according to your symptoms. Paying regular visits to a trustworthy family dentist like Dague Dental Solutions can help you stay away from severe ailments like gingivitis and oral cancer. It is in the best interest of your dental health to go for dental consultation twice a year.