4 Tell-Tale Signs to Know Your Kid Needs An Orthodontist Consultation

Misaligned teeth are one of the major problems that often find their roots in childhood. Many kids start developing early signs of crooked or misaligned teeth at an early age. If not diagnosed and treated on time, these symptoms can often lead to more complicated dental issues such as teeth wear and tear, difficulty chewing, and a change in facial appearance. Thankfully consulting an orthodontist for kids can help you discover the early signs of misaligned teeth and help you take the right course of action.

Orthodontists are trained and experienced in dealing with a wide array of orthodontic treatments. As age is no bar for misaligned teeth, many orthodontists specialize in a specific age group, such as kids, adults, and seniors. But how would you know that your kid needs to see an orthodontist? Don’t worry; here are four tell-tale signs to know that your kids need an orthodontist consultation.

1. Overbite and underbite

One of the significant signs to see whether your kids have misaligned teeth is to check the placement and growth of their teeth. Overbite and underbite are two of the common types of misaligned teeth that affect their dental health and appearance. Thankfully there are ways to detect overbite and underbite in your kids.

It is an overbite of the upper teeth of your kid that stands out more than the lower teeth. That means your kid may not close their teeth at the same level perfectly. Though upper teeth slightly protrude beyond the lower teeth, you can easily spot if the distance between the upper and lower teeth is too much. You can also observe whether their upper lip stands out more than their lower lip. It is called an underbite if the lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth. Whether an underbite or overbite, you must consult an orthodontist for kids who can examine them and help you with the proper treatment.

2. Teeth gaps

The permanent teeth grow in close contact with each other. That means if there are any gaps between the teeth, that means the teeth are growing in an abnormal direction. The gaps in teeth indicate misaligned teeth that often follow different directions while growing and grow in any random direction. Teeth gaps are one of the major signs that your kid needs to see an orthodontist.

3. Difficulty in biting and chewing

Misaligned teeth often disrupt the natural or ideal biting pattern. The crooked teeth can make it difficult for your kid to bite or chew your food. If your kid complains about having difficulty biting or chewing the food, it’s best to consult an orthodontist to find the early signs of misaligned teeth. The teeth are aligned with the proper treatment, and the biting pattern and forces are restored. That way, your kid will be able to bite and chew their food without difficulty.

4. Digestive problems

Teeth allow you to chew and break down the food into smaller pieces for better digestion. Misaligned teeth can severely affect your ability to chew food optimally. That means your child may be unable to break down the food into smaller chunks, which can cause digestive problems like bloating, gas, and diarrhea. If your kids show any signs of digestive issues, it won’t hurt to consult an orthodontist to ensure their teeth are growing normally and not causing any biting problems.

The early age is the accurate time to diagnose and treat misaligned teeth before they become more complicated. That’s why one should never ignore these tell-tale signs and consult a children’s orthodontist for the right orthodontic treatment for your child.