4 Steps for Choosing a Personalized Urn Online

Funerals are always physically and emotionally exhausting. Not only are you sad about losing a loved one, but the whole organization process can be overwhelming. Naturally, you want to honor your loved one and your goal is that everything goes according to plan.

Having to choose a funeral urn is not something anybody does regularly. It can be confusing, and you may not know where to start. You want a lasting memorial for your loved one to be a reflection on his/her life and character.

If you need advice on this matter, or you want to gain more knowledge, this article will answer all your questions.

What is an Urn?

An urn is a type of vessel or a container that keeps the ashes after the cremation. It comes in different sizes and shapes (e.g. a vase or a box) and it can be made from various materials (e.g. ceramic, wood, glass, granite, marble, bronze, crystal, steel, etc.). They can even be custom-made.

So, how can you make it easier to choose? A good cremation urn may add some personal touch. Remember that it’s not containing only ashes, but also your memories.

There are a few easy steps to follow. Do your research on multiple styles of urns available, both online and offline. Take your time, while keeping these suggestions in mind!

Consider the Final Resting Place

Even though it is very emotional and difficult, it’s wise to think about your loved one’s final resting place before looking at urn styles. There are a few options. You can:

  • Scatter the Ashes

Scattering the ashes of a loved one in a location with personal meaning is an option many people choose. Sometimes you might not be familiar with all the rules about where the ashes can or can’t be scattered. Some of the legal options are:

  • A garden or a park
  • Greenspace
  • Private Land
  • Water (over the sea, or river)
  • Churchyard or cemetery

Holding a small ceremony may be a nice idea. It can offer an emotional moment for you to say a few words for your loved one.

Urn Burial

If your wish is to have a permanent memorial in the cemetery, burying the urn is the best option. You can choose from a variety of cremation urns and almost all of them are able to be placed in the vault. Cultured marble urns are especially practical for ground burial. Experts at greenmeadowmemorials.com/ advise doing thorough research because you want it to be high quality and durable, but also fit your budget. You can also order a themed urn, that might reflect on the character of your beloved deceased.

Placement at Home

If you decide to place an urn at your home, the style becomes more important. This gives comfort to many people because they feel the part of their loved one is still with them on some level. Placing it at home gives you more freedom when choosing a size.

Choose a cremation urn that reminds you of your loved one and looks beautiful. If you don’t want to draw attention to it, there are many options – they can be made to look like jewelry chests or even clocks.

Placement at Home

Select the Right Size

There are two things to consider when choosing a size – capacity and dimensions.

There are several sizes you may choose from:

  • Adult
  • Medium
  • Keepsake
  • Extra large

The general guidelines are – One lb of weight, pre cremation equals one cubic inch of ashes.

If you plan to keep the urn at home, you have much more freedom regarding the height, width, and diameter of it. But if you are using a niche, the dimensions can be important. Make sure you find out the niche size. Experts recommend rectangular urns in this case.

Decide on the Urn’s Material

The type of materials you can choose is determined by the place you decide to keep the urn, as well as your personal taste. Urns are made from a variety of materials – from marble to wood. You can choose a more “artistic” look, with materials like ceramic, glass, or crystal. Marble is ideal for burial, because of the engravings and its stately look. Wood may give a feeling of warmth, and if you care about the environment, you should check out green urns too. Some of the more extravagant choices would be multicolored glass or precious metals.

Make It Personal

Urnes can be personalized with engravings or artwork so that these small details will remind you of your loved one. You can engrave words and symbols directly to the urn, or to an urn pendant. People often choose brass plates, which are ideal for rectangular and square shapes. Be creative by choosing a theme, or including a photo, or his/her favorite color.

The most important thing is to express how you feel. Losing someone is one of the hardest things a person has to deal with in their entire life. Whatever gives you comfort and makes you remember this person and all the precious moments you have spent together is the right choice. So, just follow your heart.