Reasons You Should Get Designers for Granny Flat Floor Plans

What is a Granny Flat?

Let’s start by putting some common myths regarding granny flats to rest. Granny flats, despite their name, aren’t just for elderly relatives. These are ideal for young couples just starting their jobs or fresh graduates who are saving up to buy a house. They are also perfect for family members who need long-term care due to disabilities or other circumstances.

The addition of granny flats is becoming very popular in the construction industry. But like any other construction, it needs a plan or blueprint displaying the layout of the entry building or just a floor. Meanwhile, to bring back the best look of your floor and tiles, you need to visit and hire floor and tile restoration experts. A floor plan that shows a scaled sketch/graph of the measurement of a room-size, furniture, wiring system, etc. It needs skilled and professionally trained personnel to draft a floor plan. If you are planning for investing into this construction and a professional floor plan, then contact Granny Flat Solutions. Granny Flat Floor Plans can improve your lifestyle and you can enjoy your homestay with your grandparents and family in a very healthy environment. There are some key factors of a professional and good granny flat floor plan so take them into consideration before making a final decision. And if you are looking for polished concrete professionals, contact Designer Floors to hire the best ones. 

1. Adjustable:- Whenever you construct a granny flat make sure that the floor plan is good and flexible. It can be used as a dwelling place for your family or it can also be used as an office. A good floor plan should be adjustable in nature.

2. Perfect:- While designing a floor plan make sure that it provides more usage than just a room. You can attach your dining room or drawing room with an opening to the kitchen so that you can keep an eye on your children and take care of old parents while cooking.

3. Dimension:- An ideal floor plan should be designed to keep the size of the room and the number of family members in mind. It should be designed in such a manner  that it provides adequate space for relatives and guests , whenever they visit your house.

4. Way Of Life:- A professional granny flat floor plan should be designed to give you a resting place, whenever you feel tired from work. You can add some entertainment features to balance your work and life.


A granny flat floor plan is very useful in designing furniture and space arrangement. It is a scaled sketch of a house/building drawn by an architect. It displays the actual measurement of the space and how long are the rooms, or furniture in real life. It has some more advantages, that are as:-

1. It turns your ideas into reality with good end results.

2. It works as a guide for the approved scope of work.

3. Provide flexibility on the design.

4. It ensures successful completion of the project, resulting in reduced stress.

5. It helps in the arrangement of the furniture to fit accurately by offering exact measurements.

6. You can share your ideas with the designer/architects to plan your house better.

Types of Granny Flat Floor Plans

After covering the fundamentals, it’s time to concentrate on the exciting part: building a granny flat that your family will enjoy. Let’s discuss some possible granny flat designs that you might not have thought of yet.

Studio Floor Plans

Maybe your options for building a granny flat are restricted to 300+ square feet due to space constraints. Or perhaps your family member adores the concept of a spacious, open floor layout. For a boomerang child or a single grandparent who like modern minimalist design, this open-floor concept is perfect. As the living area, kitchen, and bedroom are all connected, studios can feel much larger than they actually are. Someone who doesn’t want to or is unable to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the space should opt for a studio plan. As opposed to a larger unit, it will cost less to furnish and have reduced utility costs.

One-Bedroom Floor Plans

The most common design for granny flats is a traditional one-bedroom layout. This layout has everything needed to make a single occupant or a couple feel at home. This design gives the impression that the home is vast because the kitchen, living room, and dining area are all open. For convenience and solitude, there is also a separate bedroom with a complete bathroom.

This particular granny flat design has the advantage that it may be scaled up or down based on the available area. A one-bedroom apartment with 400 square feet or more feels like a small hamlet, while one with 750 square feet or more offers plenty of area for customization.

Two-Bedroom Floor Plans

When it comes to what you can accomplish with a two-bedroom granny flat concept, the sky is the limit. This layout resembles a typical “house” the most and, with the correct layout, may be much cozier and more useful. Both bedrooms can be the same size, or you can designate one as the “master suite” and use the other as a tiny office or guest room. The same is true with bathroom regulations. If you have adequate space, you can have one full bathroom, one full bathroom and a half bathroom, or two full bathrooms.


Therefore, if you are thinking of investing into a granny flat floor to transform your backyard or the top of your garage, get the floor plan designed by good professional architects. Make sure to hire the best company that offers perfect design solutions. Before making the final deal look for the best floor plan designers who are licensed and qualified in their field. Choose professionals who have earned a good reputation in the community. Before investing your hard-earned money, think wisely to save yourself from stress and tension.