4 Reasons Why You Must Call a Plumber to Deal with All Plumbing Issues

There are over 24000 households in Gaithersburg, MD, and an average household spends $2200 each year on water bills. If you have a leaky faucet or shower in your bathroom, you might literally be sending your money down your drain by not getting it fixed.

A leaky shower can waste thousands of gallons of water if it’s not fixed in time which makes us wonder: “why do people put off calling a plumber Gaithersburg MD, to fix their leaky showers?”

The good news for homeowners is that there are many different ways to fix a leaky shower. The bad news is that most people don’t know which method to use, so they blindly follow the easiest one they can find on Youtube or other DIY websites.

This can work, but it’s not very efficient, especially because it could lead to more severe damage if not taken care of appropriately.

Here’s why you should be calling a plumber to deal with any kind of plumbing issue in your home, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

1. The More You Delay Service, the Worse Damage Becomes

Gaithersburg, MD, has high humidity levels of around 96%, and humidity can cause rusting and corrosion in pipes and faucets. A dripping faucet or tub wastes gallons of water, but a leaky shower wastes thousands.

If you haven’t decided yet, give your plumber a call, and they will tell you how much it would cost to repair your shower correctly. Whenever water gets into places that it shouldn’t, like electrical components or insulation, problems can become even more expensive to fix as they escalate over time.

Even a small thing like a tiny pipe leak can cause irreversible damage inside a home. Here are just a few dangers you are risking by not calling a plumbing service right away:

  • A leaking pipe can burst at any time; if it does so while you’re sleeping, the damage could spread for several hours
  • Water damage in the walls is especially costly to fix and can cause structural damage if not detected right away
  • A leak can result in water stains, mold, and other unsightly plus hazardous signs
  • Many insurance policies may not cover water damage, so you may not be able to depend on that as a financial safety net

2. Your Plumber Will Have All of the Necessary Tools Ready for Repairs

If you want things done right, you’d better hire the best professionals in the area. Many plumbers are fully equipped with all of the latest equipment so that you don’t have to worry about buying any tools yourself.

Besides, even if you are able to fix the issue with your newly purchased tools, you may find that there’s no other use for them, meaning they’ll be lying in a corner in your garage until the next time you have a similar problem. Needless to say, this would be a total waste of money.

3. Leaking Water is Wasted Money

A flooded living room

A leaking shower is not only bad for the environment; it’s also bad for your wallet. A leaky shower wastes not just water but money too when you consider all of the energy used to heat up water that is literally running down the drain.

At first glance, it might not seem like a leak is wasting too much water. It may only be a slight trickle or even a drop falling down at regular intervals. However, statistics show that an average household will probably have leaks that lead to 10,000 gallons of water being wasted every year. It is also estimated that 10 percent of homes in the United States have serious leaks that can waste above  90 gallons of water in just one day! 

When we think of all the droughts and lack of clean water in the world, such a major wastage is unacceptable. All it takes is a visit from a plumber who can tighten pipes and make proper repairs to prevent leaks.

4. Technicians Are Trained for All Types of Emergencies

The qualified technicians work hard every day, so they’ll always be ready when you are. They’ll come in, assess the problem, make the repairs and then get on with their way so that they can give someone else an honest day’s work because they love what they do.

A plumber wouldn’t just fix the problem at hand; they will also be looking at your whole setup with a trained and experienced eye. Their professional expertise means that they can see issues where you think there are none. You may have called them in for what you think is a minor leaking problem, but the case might be more serious than you realize. This is why calling a plumber is essential; they can spot something that might become really dangerous if left neglected.

A leaky shower isn’t just something to put off until later because it will only become more difficult to fix over time, which means that calling plumbers for leaking showers is always a good idea, no matter how simple or complex your issue may appear to be.