4 reasons to choose Christian planning services

Being a diligent steward of your money requires you to be responsible and fulfill your duties toward family, and most importantly toward God.

However, many people aren’t aware that when they make investments or plan finances, they could be indirectly investing in companies or funds involved in sinful activities. For example, many companies have media wings that publish pornographic materials, support abortion, manufacture abortion drugs, or are involved in inhumane practices such as child labor.

On the other hand, a company that offers Christian financial planning services can help you make sure your investments are honoring to God. They can also help you better understand your assets and liabilities and become a better steward of your finances and other resources.

Below are a few reasons you should consider choosing Christian financial planning services. (Keep in mind, even if you’re not a Christian but hold values-based stewardship principles, you can seek biblical planning services.)

1. God-fearing values

As a Christian, your values and beliefs promote life. Finding a like-minded financial planner will help you more deeply align your daily practices with your faith.

Unlike advisors who might advise against being generous with  money, a Christian financial planner will help you honor God by planning your finances through saving, investing, and giving.

2. Biblical investments

Christians promote the sanctity of life and are therefore against inhumane practices. Sadly, many large conglomerates often support inhumane practices. You could be indirectly supporting them by investing in these organizations.

Thankfully, by choosing Christian financial planning services, you’ll be able to invest your money in companies that uphold all Christian values through biblically responsible investing.

3. A different approach to finances

Most financial advisors are focused on increasing the zeros on the balance sheet. They don’t pay much attention to how money can be used to bring about change in the world that will honor God.

On the other hand, by investing in companies or funds that align with your values, you’ll see a good return, while knowing that your investments positively impact the world and help promote the kingdom of God.

4. Generosity and giving

Financial advisors want you to cut down on your expenses and unnecessary costs. These advisors often consider charity work and other philanthropy as an expense.

However, as a diligent steward you understand the value of giving back, and a Christian advisor will share this same value.

They not only encourage you to be generous; they also help devise financial strategies to promote generosity and philanthropy. No matter how many assets you own, they can help you figure out ways to give out of the abundance that God provides.