4 Points To Consider While Selecting A Birthday Card For Your Wife

Birthdays are among some of the best days of the year, and with good reason. After all, you get to honour those you love so dearly. So, naturally, celebrating a beloved’s birthday is a must. And when that person happens to be your wife, you need to put quite the effort to impress the love of your life and show them what they mean to you. While there are many grand ways to do it, gifting one or two meaningful birthday cards is undoubtedly a gesture that makes a wife’s birthday that much more special.

Since birthday cards allow you to put your emotions in words, you can tell your lady love how you feel towards them, something many people struggle to do in person. If you are also not the best at vocalizing your feelings, birthday cards are surely made for you! That said, picking out one can be challenging, thanks to the endless varieties in the market. But you have nothing to worry about because we have the following points that should help you select the perfect birthday card for your dear wife.

Decide the Tone

The first thing you need to think about before going card shopping is how you want to convey your sentiments. That is, do you want to rely on humour because being all touchy-feely even on paper can be a bit overwhelming for you? Or have you decided to go all out and say it all?

Whatever you decide will tell you the type of selection you need to make, i.e., choose a super romantic, exuding-all-the-feels kind of card or perhaps go for something a bit more casual/low-key. With that point clear in your mind, you will have narrowed down your choices.

Scan the Messages

Like everything else, not all cards are made the same; some come with text while others are blank like a canvas where you get to paint out your feelings.

So, after you are clear about the style, you need to choose the message. Whether you want something with printed text or write everything on your own? Pick a side, and that will further limit your choices.

Consider the Graphics

Of course, the cover of your wife’s card needs to be immaculate because that will be the first thing she will see. Depending on your previous selections, you should choose the card’s graphics.

Let’s say you chose to go with a light-hearted birthday card, then you should pick something that maybe has a car with fuel, and it says ‘you (your wife) are the fuel to my engine.’ That communicates everything you would want the love of your life to know without being sickly sentimental.

On the contrary, if you want something full of feelings, a card with hearts, a couple holding hands, or anything representing love.

Sticking To a Colour Theme

This point is especially important for people whose wives are particular about their colour choices. If your lady love is one to pick out her hues with too much consideration, you want to stick to the palette she prefers.

For instance, if she likes pastel shades of cool hues, such as blues and greens, you should look for a birthday card in those colours. That said, doing so may not be possible as most romantic cards display all kinds of reds typically.

So if you want to give your wife a romantic card, but she likes shades on the other side of the spectrum, you might want to give her two! Besides, two is better than one!

Ending Note

Whether you plan a brilliant bash for your wife’s birthday or choose to keep things intimate for the day, don’t forget to buy a birthday card for her because it will most likely mean more to her than all else.