4 Parenting Tips on How to Help Your Child Choose the Right Team Sport

While not all children are sports-inclined, many kids love the idea of getting into a team sport, they just don’t know how to choose.

It’s easy to get decision paralysis. Kids are already always overwhelmed with new information and choices and adding sports teams to that doesn’t help. They may need your help to make that final decision.

Not sure how to provide that help? No problem. Keep reading to learn how you can help your child choose their first sports team.

1. Play Games With Them

If your child hasn’t played any team sports yet, why not play games with them, or get them together with their friends to play games?

Playing games in a low-stakes environment, like with you or friends at the park, is a great way to introduce sports to your child before they’re ready to make their decision.

These don’t have to be full-sized games. Set up a net for volleyball, go to your local park for a basketball hoop, or consider setting up a soccer goal. Even if it’s just you and your child, you can practice skills for all of these games.

See what your child enjoys and it will help you move forward.

2. Watch Sports Games

If that’s not enough to narrow down your child’s options, why not let them watch their favorite sports team on television?

Your child may not know what it’s like to play these sports, but by watching, they may be able to determine whether or not a specific sport will be right for them.

Watching team sports can also get your child even more excited to play!

3. Ask Local Parents

If you don’t know where to start, why not ask parents in your area?

You can start with the parents of your child’s friends or classmates, but you could also use social media to connect with other local parents. This is a great time to ask about their experiences with local children’s sports teams.

You could also talk to community centers for older players, like Urban Rec, for advice on how to get your child started.

These things are particularly helpful if you’ve never been interested in sports yourself.

4. Consider Their Athletic Abilities 

Not all children are cut out for every sport, and that’s okay! While everyone can improve with diligence and practice, it’s good to take note of your child’s starting abilities.

Some children aren’t fast. They’d be better for sports like volleyball or pitching at a baseball game. Children with great hand-eye coordination would be great soccer goalies or lacrosse players.

You can determine your child’s baseline abilities when you play games with them. Make sure that you don’t limit your child based on those abilities, but use this information as a starting point.

Which Team Sport Is Right for Your Child? 

All things considered, this is a low-stakes decision. A team sport is a great way for your child to gain fitness skills and learn teamwork, but it should be fun. Don’t turn this into a stressful choice.

If you use these tips, your child will be playing their new favorite sport in no time.

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