4 Important Traits Of A Healthy Family Relationship

We all want a healthy and happy family. We work hard. We provide shelter, food, education, and support. But, is that enough? In order to have a healthy family, you need to define what a family is. 

Individuals as a unit

This may seem like an odd concept. Two people fall in love. They want to grow that love. They want to create children to expand their family. As life goes on, they may need to incorporate elderly parents into the family unit. So, you are living together and consider yourself a family. But are you?

People are individuals. They have their own likes, dislikes, and agendas. Living together doesn’t constitute a family since a family works together toward a common goal. 

They do not (and probably cannot) change who they are as people. But they can agree upon the family life everyone in the family is striving to reach. A family must have a chain of command. But it cannot thrive under a dictatorship.

Important Traits Of A Happy Family

  • Health

The very first priority in any happy and healthy family is ensuring there are no health issues that should be dealt with. This is how minor problems stay minor and families are not caught by surprise a few years down the road. You take your children to the doctor. But, you have a responsibility to your family to maintain your own health issues as well.  As such, do visit this professional dentist in Coconut Grove regularly and book appointments for your family to keep their pearly whites sparkling.

  • Peace and harmony

This is a habit you should begin from the first day you move in with your partner. The home should be a safe place. This is where people discuss their problems and work together toward a solution. Adults must keep adult issues private and family problems are worked out together without blame. A family sets the groundwork from day one to have a home that is a safe place.

  • Travel Together

A happy family finds ways to have fun together. Experience various activities that you can do as a family and merge those activities into your life. If you enjoy camping, biking, cooking, painting, skating, or reading. Find a group that fits well in your world. 

Traveling together as a family is much more about getting to spend time together than seeing sights and eating great good. 

Spending time together at home is usually about work, school or the mundane, everyday tasks that we are all snowed under. Don’t underestimate the power of ¨free time¨ and ¨relax time¨ because that is the best time to bond with your loved ones.

Fill your days with fun activities to do and amazing things to see. Here are some amazing things that people have put on the list as the best activities to try in 2019:

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  • Make a family calendar chart

Children do not always understand why you cannot allow them to go somewhere they want to go. The easiest way to solve this problem is to get a posterboard and draw a monthly calendar. Color code each member of the family. Write in the obligations of each person in their own unique color. Don’t forget to figure in drive time. 

Giving even young children this visual tool lets helps them to understand where they fit in the family dynamic. 

Creating a healthy family is hard work. But the sooner you begin, the better. These concepts will help you maintain a happy family forever.