4 Ideas to Make Your Child’s Birthday Celebration a Success

Birthdays – they’re one of the most memorable occasions of our lives.

A time where families come together to celebrate the number of years we’ve existed on this funny place that we call earth. However that’s not to say we all want to celebrate this momentous occasion in the same way.

If we’re elderly or middle aged, then chances are we’ll treat ourselves to a meal, go to the theater or partake in some other strictly-adult cultural excursion; Hawaii’s a popular getaway for blowing out birthday candles this time of year. A stark contrast to any child, whose desires are – how do you put it? – a lot less… tranquil.

For 99% of youngsters, the idea of relaxing by the beach & tanning yourself in the Mediterranean sun is just 1 word: “boring”. They’re after action, pazzaz, fun, giggles, music & everything inbetween!! Most likely why a good chunk of us adults can be accused of being ‘uptight’ when it comes to birthday parties.

We play it safe, out of the fear that our ideas might be a bit too outrageous. Even though when it comes to kid’s parties the whole point is to let our hair down & go completely bananas. Too right – this is one of those rare life moments where you’re actively encouraged to act silly. That’s the whole point!

So, to help you stay in touch with your inner child & ensure you succeed at spreading cheeky grins over your kiddies’ faces, here’s 4 killer ideas for how to make your young one’s next birthday party, one to remember…

1. Hire an Experienced Dj

There’s a reason this is 1st on this list – it should be 1st on yours!

You cannot have a children’s party without music. Fact. Regardless of whether they’re 2 or 22 years of age, a party without music is just… dull. Music is (in many respects) the life of the party that gives your young ones the energy and courage to let their hair down and have fun!

Hence why hiring a decent DJ should be a priority for virtually all parents. An easy way to spot one is to usually quiz them on their equipment. The good disk jockeys usually have a slight fascination with DJ equipment & should at the very least have a solid pair of DJ decks. Kit that should make it easy for them to work the room & liven up the celebrations.

If your youngsters have any favourite tracks, be sure to tip off Mr DJ beforehand.

2. Establish a theme

Just like a wedding, all good parties need a theme – your kid’s birthday bash is NO exception.

Do so & you can turn a relatively bog standard party into something truly magical. Or action-packed, if it’s a superhero theme. Although, while there are a lot of themes out there, it’s important to remember that this party is for your child – not you! So don’t just pick one at random.

If your little man never had a thing for Toy Story, then shy away from the Buzz Lightyear costume. Just as if they’re not into cars, you’d be wise to cancel the go-kart race. Point being that themes are great, but they can backfire if you’re not careful.

Saying that though, if you’re confident on your party theme, you really can go to town. Themed cakes, invitations, costumes, balloons, music & activities are just some of the ways in which you can weave the theme into your child’s celebrations. Do so & not only should it make the day more immersive, but also a heap more memorable too.

In other words, a party SO individual that it forces other parents to up their game & go out of their way to compete – i.e. by helping your child have the best day possible, you may even improve the birthday parties received by their friends.

How incredibly thoughtful!!

3. Prepare the finger foods

It doesn’t take a genius to see that apart from good old fashioned fun, kids are also major fans of food. However, not all food is fit for a party – take note!

See, when you’ve got 20+ youngsters running riot, you need food that’s both easy to prepare & yet ticks the boxes with their taste buds. So before you take a trip to Marks & Spencers for a platter of salmon & caviar, remember that the key to a kid’s heart is not restaurant-style cuisine until perhaps they reach their teens.

Anytime before that & it’s likely that jam sandwiches, popcorn, cocktail sausages, nuggets & potato crisps are all they’re after. Perhaps a burger at the most. Finger foods that’re easy to consume ‘on the go’ & don’t require a knife & folk.

So if your party’s not too far from home, then it might be a good excuse for Dad to crack out the BBQ.

4. Set up a Photo Booth

There’s a reason that most schools get photo booths for their annual prom – kids love them!

Aside from being a great way to create memories with their friends (especially if there’s props), photo booths are also pretty addictive. Just like going down a zipwire, racing a go-kart or any other ‘in the moment’ type of activity, they leave you with that feeling of again, again, again!!

Plus, with virtually every child over the age of 10 having a phone these days, it serves as a good excuse for you to enforce a ‘no-phones’ policy’, as for any teen or kid in their twenties, a reel of photo booth snaps is a great piece of original content for the Gram.

Pitch them that idea & we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to get both them (& their friends) to engage in some good old-fashioned fun. A valiant effort that most parents will thank you for.

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