4 Helpful Tips to Travel with Baby Food Every Mum Should Know

Travelling with a baby can never be simple and not involve several accidents and misjudgments for even seasonal parents. The most stressful aspect of travelling with your only a few months old baby can be not packing enough food or mishandling it, which leads to messy leakages, food going bad and a whole myriad of problems. And you can’t stop going out at all until your baby can go without food for a few hours. So it’s best to test things out before going on actual lengthy trips outside and have some experience on your side

Apart from getting some familiarity, you need the right apparatuses and tools to store food adequately. Thankfully, there is always some new gadget on the market that can make things more comfortable with a second or third child for parents. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know in order to travel with baby food stress-free:

Types of Containers

Depending on your need and requirement for the amount of baby food you want to premake and store, you can find several storages and easy travelling solutions. These days the most popular option can be food cubes or ice cube trays that help create small and easily freezable and thawable pieces of baby food. There are also mini dippers and ice tray pops that provide easier handling. You can use large Tupperware boxes as well for lengthier rides that store surplus food for stays in between the ride. But arguably the best apparatus are the food blocks that are safe for refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. You can buy OXO baby food containers that are the most reliable containers and easy to handle.

Food to Carry

All kinds of purees and mashed food can go a long time when frozen. You can carry these foods in plastic bags to allow more space for other baby stuff like snacks. Mashable things like bananas, apricots etc can also be held. Make sure to take a handy bowl with you and a fork to mash these items quickly and provide your baby all the nutrition he/she needs during the go.

Storing Tips for Baby Food

As you’re taking prepared frozen foods with you, you need to make sure that they don’t let go of their consistency to create leakage. For this, take a handy insulated bag with ice packs to adjust the temperature. If you’d like to have a hot meal ready to feed your kid at the start of the ride or middle, heat up the portion to the maximum it can withhold and store in an insulated bag.  Be sure to check out eltern-heute.de as well.

Don’t worry about heating up the portions either. You can take hot water flasks to pour below your feeding bowl if there are no restaurants or hotels in the way. And if there are such establishments, you can ease the process by using their machines. Pack with you some extra bowls and spoons to pour the food in and if possible a portable high chair that can further ease the task of finding and booking high chair eating areas.