4 Gifts Any Hunting Enthusiast Will Love

If you have a hunter in your life, you know all too well how hard it is to shop for them. There are tactical, gear-based things, but we non-hunters don’t know anything about that kind of thing. You could get them something non-related, but you know that hunting is their passion. You know they’re going to be up at the camp whenever they can be, and you want to get them something special that they can actually use.

The following will explore a few gifts that are perfect for hunting enthusiasts in your life. There is also a range of prices so that no matter your budget, you can find something that suits your bank account and your hunter. Check Texas Fowlers that will meet every hunter needs.


If you know a handful of hunters, it’s more than likely you’ve heard a worrisome tale or two. While serious hunting accidents are rare statistically, there are a few gifts that can help mitigate the risks. Things like emergency blankets, bushcraft knives (especially with a flint stone incorporated), water bottles with a purification system built-in, and high-end survival lighters are just a few of the gifts that could mean the difference between a funny story and a serious incident.

If this seems like the right sort of gift for your hunter (and let’s be honest, your peace of mind), take a little time to research some of the best pieces of safety equipment out there. Experts from BestSurvival.org have several articles detailing safety and survival equipment. Have a browse through and see what your hunter doesn’t already have. If you like this idea but are hoping for something that’s a little on the romantic side, a compass is an excellent choice. If you think your hunter isn’t going to need it, think again—they go off course in the pursuit of an animal all the time.

Gun-Cleaning Kit

Taking care of a hunting rifle or other gun requires a lot of work and probably more tools than you’d expect. Kits with everything a person needs to properly care for a rifle are a fantastic gift and can make a huge difference in how long a rifle lasts. This can also have a safety-aspect to it, as a properly cleaned and cared for gun is much less likely to give its owner trouble.


You know how long your hunter might be out in the woods for—sometimes they stay out there for days. If your hunter is a coffee drinker, you can bet that they’re going to want a hot beverage every so often as they get comfortable and wait for the animals to forget they’re there. High-end to-go mugs (that keep things warm for hours) or portable coffee makers (that require nothing other than hot water) can make any hunting trip feel like a luxurious vacation.

A great combination gift (if you’re looking for more than one item) is something to cover the scent of the coffee. There are spray bottles and other products that hunters can take with them to cover up the aroma of food, drinks, and humans. There might even be a specific brand your hunter already prefers. Alternatively, there are recipes online that can be followed to make your own DIY scent cover. If you’re looking up these recipes, make sure that you note which animals they work best on and adjust accordingly.


Hunting Rifle

Yeah, this is the high-cost gift on the list. When thinking about this sort of gift, it’s a good idea to run past your top choices with one of your hunter’s buddies to make sure that it suits your hunter and his or her hunting preferences. There are also dozens of extremely helpful articles online that can help you limit your choices down to a select few. Make sure to read reviews from everyday hunters to better understand where the rifle stacks up compared to other options. While you’re at it, make sure you consider the cost of ammunition for the rifle you choose. This can be used to break any ties you have. You can also look up which ammunition options tend to run out at the store fastest during crises. Many socio, economic, and political factors alter how often the general public buys guns and ammunition.

The above list is exhaustive by no means, but it should provide enough information to get you thinking in the right way about shopping for a hunter. When it comes to gifts, the old adage still holds true today—it’s the thought that counts. If your hunter can tell you about them and listen to them, more than likely, their heart will be warmed by the gift regardless of whether it’s hunting-related or not.