4 Essential Tips for Buying a New Garage Door

According to the latest cost-vs-value report from Realtor.com, a garage remodel can produce an ROI of 93.8%.

So, if you’re considering selling your home, or simply want to add value with your next home improvement project, a new garage door is one way to go.

These are the essential tips for buying a garage door that suits your needs and budget. Also check out useful site as well.

1. Consider the Budget for Your New Garage Door

How much you have to spend determines every aspect of buying a garage door. So, start with a figure in mind and keep adjusting your selection until you find the best fit for your means.

The material you choose has a major impact on the cost of your garage door. These are the most popular types of garage door materials:


Steel doors are strong and durable, requiring little maintenance. They’re a comparatively affordable option and highly customizable too.

The only problem with steel is that it’s prone to corrode when exposed to humid air and moisture. You can buy but treated steel garage doors, but they’ll cost extra.


Aluminum doesn’t rust, but it isn’t as strong as steel. Since it’s a lightweight material, it’s easily installed, which can save on installation costs.

Aluminum’s also cheaper than most other types of garage doors.


A classic choice, wood doors are attractive and durable, but they can warp or crack in certain weather conditions. As such, wooden doors require ongoing maintenance to keep them in good shape.

Wood is also an expensive option for a garage remodel.


Fiberglass garage doors are highly customizable and available in a wide range of colors. They’re lack strength, though, and easily dented by weather or impacts.


Vinyl garage doors fall in a price range somewhere between steel and wood. They’re another versatile, low-maintenance, and customizable choice.

Vinyl doors offer exceptional strength, but they don’t insulate your garage as effectively as steel doors do.

2. Choose a Door That Fits In

This article shows that an enclosed garage can add value and appeal to a property, whether you’re buying or selling. However, if your Titan Garage Doors Abbotsford features a bizarre design or materials that clash with your neighbors’ homes, it will detract from your curb appeal.

Likewise, your new door should complement the design of your home. A wooden door looks wonderful on most homes, but it might seem out of place on a modern house with lots of metal features.

A metal door won’t suit a traditional home.

The garage door design is another area that affects your home’s overall aesthetic.

Carriage-style doors look best on classically styled homes, while roll-up doors have an industrial look.

Other styles of doors include sectional doors, roll-up, doors, and tilt-up doors. These doors help create more room on the sides of your garage when the door is open.

Often, you can include attractive designs on the face of these doors that imitate more conventional door styles and can also add windows if you want to.

3. Take Your Climate Into Consideration

Climate doesn’t only affect how long your garage door will last, but it also plays a role in your insulation requirements. Your garage door occupies a large space in your home, often adjacent to the kitchen.

It’s easy for cold air to infiltrate your home from your garage via the door.

This means you’ll need to use more electricity to keep your home’s temperature on an even keel. More electricity means higher bills.

So, your garage door must have sufficient insulation to keep the weather at bay.

Manufacturers measure insulation in R-values. Usually, a rating between R-6 and R-9 works well for empty garages, but you’ll need an R-13 rated door if someone is living in your garage.

4. Comparing Garage Door Contractors

The best way to find reputable garage door installers in your area is by reading online reviews. This will give you first-hand insights into what it’s like to work with the contractor.

You can also look at their website to see what they can offer when it comes to styles of doors and materials.

When you ask local garage installers for cost estimates on installing a new garage door, insist on an in-person consultation. It’s the only way to ensure you get the best value for your money.

When the installer visits your home, they can best ascertain the ideal type of door, materials, and insulation for your needs. You can ask questions and discuss your specific needs.

Some things to inquire about are:

  • Do you have any references?
  • Will you perform the job personally?
  • Will you remove any construction debris?
  • What is the correct R-value for my area?
  • Is the garage easy to maintain or repair?
  • How long does the installation process take?

Get estimates from at least three installers before making up your mind, and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples while perusing them. A more expensive quotation may offer a longer warranty or include better-quality materials.

One last thing to take from your meeting with the garage contractor is whether you feel you can work with them. Do they seem service-oriented and pleasant? Are they neatly presented and wearing a uniform?

Convenience, Comfort, and Cost-Savings

A new garage door adds value to your home for sure, but it also increases your security and helps lower your energy bills.

Yet, for a busy mom, convenience outstrips all the other benefits of a new garage door. Arriving home after a busy day to tackle a malfunctioning old door does nothing for your peace of mind or your mood.

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