4 Conducive Environment for Sleeping

Sleeping is probably the most favorite thing to do in the world for many people. Sleeping recharges one’s body and supplies it with the much-needed energy for the day. Fortunately for those insomniacs or people who have trouble sleeping, we have compiled four (4) conducive environment that may help you achieve that very elusive sleep.

1. A clean and relaxing environment.

No one would want to sleep on a bed with smelly and dirty sheets. Change your sheets and curtains regularly. If you have a carpet, make vacuuming a steady routine. A clean room is not only healthy, but it also relaxes the body and releases your stress. 

Some scents are scientifically proven to promote sleep and relaxation. Some scents, you get a whiff off, and you suddenly feel relaxed and ready to catch some sleep. The best scent to bring you to slumberland is lavender, vanilla, and jasmine. Bring out your humidifier and prepare to have a good night’s sleep.

2. Freshen up.

When you have a hot bath, you lower your body temperature. This will also influence your body to rest and have a good night’s sleep. Don’t you just love that fresh feeling you get after a hot bath and the touch of your skin on a clean and crisp bed with fresh-smelling pillows.

 3. Set the temperature of the room. 

Lower temperature conveys to your body that it’s time to sleep. So set the temperature before taking a shower, and when you get out of your bath, it’s really time to relax. If you have no air conditioning unit, then it’s time to bring out the best quiet fans for sleeping. There are a couple of types of fans, and the best ones are the tower fans. Because these types of fans do not use fan blades, they are very quiet but still deliver great airflow in the entire room. A room should always be quiet when you are preparing to sleep to also allow your senses to adjust to its surroundings. 

 4. No to lampshades and night-lights. 

Darkness is an excellent signal to the body that it’s time to sleep. To get that much needed and elusive sleep, turn off your night-lights and lampshades. Shut your drapes so your room will be in total darkness. Turn off your cellphones as it turns out, even dim and faraway lights can confuse your brain if it should wake you up already. 

 We should always remember to give importance to sleep as it is one of the main ways to recharge and regain the energy lost throughout the day. For insomniacs, there are pills available to help you sleep. However, these pills are mostly, if not all prescribed medicines and would not be sold to you unless you have a doctor’s prescription. If these tips above still do not help you in getting a night of good sleep, and you have been suffering from insomnia for quite a long time, then it is time to consult a doctor. Maybe you need professional help in dealing with your insomnia.