4 Checks for Finding the Right PCB Designer for Your Project

In many areas of building the right product, you might be able to settle for something lesser than what you had initially hoped for. But the printed circuit boards you need for your products must have the perfect electronic engineering design if you want to reach your goals. Otherwise, things can go horribly wrong sooner or later.

Therefore, go over the following checks to find the right PCB designer.

Does The PCB Designer Have An IPC Certification?

In the professional world of printed circuit boards, every company that designs, uses, makes, and assembles PCBs needs to have a certification from the IPC or Institute of Printed Circuits. But ideally, the more credentials they show on their website, the better.

The Institute of Printed Circuits offers various tools and resources, including training and certification. That means any PCB designer that has an IPC certification knows the best development techniques and practices to use.

You should also look for a CID, or Certified Interconnected Designer, certification. If they have the CID+, which is for advanced designers, then even better.

Has The PCB Designer Done Previous Work In Your Industry?

But just because the PCB designer you are looking into has the right credentials and is a pro doesn’t mean they can do the job.

You need to look into their areas of expertise and past work to determine if they have worked in your industry before. If they do have plenty of experience in your industry, then they will definitely be able to give a couple of names as references.

You can contact them to find out how their experience was working with the designer.

Does The PCB Designer Offer Other Services?

Looking for a good PCB designer is just one part of the process. To get the right printed circuit boards for your project, you also need quality PCB assembly and manufacturing.

If you find a good PCB designer who understands your needs, you should most certainly ask them if they provide assembly and manufacturing services as well. This will help you get the best quality of printed circuit boards for your product because one company will be in charge of the entire process.

When you go with three separate companies, you have to spend more time researching to find the right businesses. If there is a mistake in any one part of the process, you might end up spending more money than you otherwise would.

What Type Of Design Software Does The PCB Designer Use?

Electronic design automation software is every advanced PCB designer’s best friend. These tools provide the perfect platform for a PCB designer to create a masterpiece.

Also, the software your designer is using can really affect the durability and functionality of the printed circuit boards, as well as the time it takes to complete the process.

Look into the features of the industry-leading PCB designer software, and find out whether the tool the PCB designer is using has them or not.