4 Best Questions to Ask a House Cleaning Service

If you’ve never hired a house cleaning service before, the prospect can be nerve-wracking. What if you don’t like the cleaner? What if they don’t do a good job, and you’re stuck with a house that’s a mess?

Avoid messy situations by asking the right questions. Here are the most important things to know before hiring a house cleaning service.

1. What Are the Services Included?

When hiring a house cleaning service, one of the best questions to ask is, “What services are included in your house-cleaning work?”. Knowing what tasks are included in the cleaning package will help you budget accurately.

Additionally, this question allows you to better compare services among cleaning companies before you hire professional cleaners. Ask if the service includes basic house cleaning tasks such as dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Additionally, it is important to clarify if window cleaning, laundry, and deep cleanings, like carpet and oven cleaning, are all included as well. Finally, ask if any extras, like furniture and floor refinishing, accessories cleaning, and wall washing, are included as well.

Knowing what services are included in the cleaning package will help you make the best choice and find the best house cleaners near me.

2. What Are the Fees & Services Provided?

Ask about their scheduling availability, as well as customer satisfaction guarantees and customer referrals. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make an informed decision when selecting the best home cleaning service for your needs.

Finally, make sure to inquire about any special requests or added services, such as window and carpet cleaning, pet care, pest control, etc., and if there are any associated fees. 

3. Do They Bring Their Own Supplies?

It’s important to ask a house cleaning service if they bring their supplies before you sign a contract with them. This is to make sure that you are getting a good quality service and not having to invest in their cleaning products or equipment. 

Additionally, you should ask if they use equipment such as vacuums, mops, brooms, buckets, and cleaning cloths, or if they expect you to give these items. Asking these questions ahead of time will give you a better understanding of the service you are getting and helps to ensure that both your expectations and theirs are being met.

4. Are They Insured and Bonded?

When it comes to selecting the best house cleaning service for your needs, it is essential to ask questions about their insurance and bonding process. You should first inquire if the house cleaning service carries liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance in case of an occurrence that causes damage or harm to you or your property.

If the answer is yes, ask for proof of insurance and make sure the coverage is adequate. Additionally, you should inquire if the house cleaning service is bonded to guarantee payment for any losses resulting from dishonest acts performed by the cleaning staff. Proper insurance and bonding coverage will give you with peace of mind that you are protected and that any risks are minimized.

Get the Best Cleaning Service for Your Home

Asking the right questions before hiring a house cleaning service can help ensure you get the service you need and deserve. With questions such as the price or frequency of the cleaning service offered, you can be sure you made a good choice. Call today to speak with a representative and take the first step towards living in a cleaner and healthier environment.

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