4 Best Natural Air Purifiers and Negative Ionizers for a Healthy Life

Tired of living a chaotic, messy life with no time to breathe or relax? Well, we have the ultimate solution to your life blues. And we promise these will work like never before. So, get your A-game on and get your hands on these unique items to make your life somewhat easier, calmer, and more peaceful. We kid you not, these are instant love-affair. Want to find out more about natural air purifiers and negative ionizers? Stay tuned and keep reading fellas! Meanwhile, if you are looking for artisan candles, soaps, and other homecare products that are made from pure Australian Beeswax, contact Serene’s Beeswax Chandlery.

4 Best Natural Air Purifiers and Negative Ionizers for a Healthy Life

How Are Ionizers Helpful for Health?

Now, there is no doubt that negative ionizers are a great addition to your home, but they are no miracle. Remember, every good thing in life comes with a due amount of time and with patience. So, if you want to experience the best of negative ionizers, you must be patient and let it do its magic, bit by bit, one day at a time. So, let us dig deeper and find out how these ionizers truly pull a magic stunt on your health!

Wonders of negative Ionizers

Improves your mental health

Improves your mental health

Pinky promise, negative ionizers work like natural antidepressants for most people. However, it is only with time that you get to experience a change in your overall health and mood. Wondering how they do so? These ionizers have the potential to reduce extra positive ions in your surroundings, therefore creating a more wholesome, relaxed, and clear environment. This creates a ripple effect on your mental health and overall wellbeing as these ionizers directly infiltrate your bloodstream. They also reduce any stress and tensions you may be going through.

Refines your environment

Refines your environment

Believe us or not, negative ionizers can easily remove the dust particles, fungal particles, bacteria, pollen, and other various allergens in your atmosphere. Likewise, they can reduce viruses in your surroundings. So, get your negative ionizers now to prevent the misfortunes of bacterial and viral infections!

Even everyday woes like headaches and sickness are visibly reduced by the employment of these ionizers at your home. We are sure, you would not want to miss out on all these positive impacts!

Best Natural Ionizers You must use at Home or Office

While you can get your hands on both natural and artificial air purifiers for home and office use, we highly recommend the use of natural air purifiers. This is because they are relatively cheaper, are safe to use and are also easily available. So, rid yourselves of any constraints on your budget and energies, and get hold of the simplest ways to bring about the best results.

Purifying Natural Plants

Natural plants can take in harmful carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen by releasing it. Now, the availability of sufficient oxygen is a great way to purify the air around you. Isn’t it? Because it not only means that the carbon residues in your surroundings will be less, but it also ensures effective breathing and disposal of other harmful chemicals in your surroundings. A purifying spider plant or a peace Lilly are two of our favorite indoor air purifying plants. They not only clean your environment like new but also are a great beauty addition to your home or office!

Amazing Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are a magical creation that outshines all other natural purifiers. Perfect for home use or office use, these salt lamps draw in the unwanted moisture and toxins present in the environment while releasing purifying negative ions into the air. Guess what? These salt lamps are also available in different shapes and sizes to add the perfect oomph to your space. And of course, the natural, soft light of these salt lamps is a must-have for everyone. Get ready for a pinkish illumination and an unparalleled feeling of well-being with these Himalayan Salt Lamps. You will not regret this purchase!

Bees Wax Candles made from Natural Honey

Bees Wax Candles made from Natural Honey

These candles made of beeswax might sound very different, but they function just perfectly! While ordinary candles are usually made of petroleum, these are made particularly of beeswax and honey. Again, this produces negative ions and releases them into the air for a pure and clean environment. These are also special because they burn slower as compared to traditional candles.

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is another air-purifying wonder that helps to cleanse your surrounding of any harmful and unwanted particles. It is commonly known as “activated charcoal”. Just pack it in a linen bag and let it soak up the unwanted odors, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and the likes of them. The best part about bamboo charcoal is how it can be recycled for use up to 2 years. Simply put it under the sun for some time and reuse it whenever you want!

The downsides of utilizing an ionizer

While ionizer offers potential benefits, it also comes with some disadvantages. If you plan to buy one, it is imperative to know about the risks that it will bring to your health. Here are some of the disadvantages of ionizers:

Asthma and Allergies

Ionizers are not capable of removing large particles in the air that triggers asthma and allergies. These particles include dust, dander, pollen, etc. If your goal is clean air, choose an air purifier that can provide optimal cleansing to help you breathe better.

Ozone Emission

When negative ions electrically charge airborne particles, it produces ozone. Ozone can affect your breathing through lung and throat irritation. Moreover, it can also cause chest pain, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. These disadvantages, if continued, can cause more health complications such as reduced lung function, worsened asthma, risk of respiratory infections, and lung inflammation.