Benefits of Designing your Own Holiday Cards

The holiday season is the perfect time to give back and show the special people in your life that you care, that you’re thankful for the impact they’ve made on your life. However, showing your gratitude does not mean spending a ton of money on lavish gifts. In fact, you don’t have to confine your options to toys, gadgets, food and clothes when giving gifts.

Expressing your gratitude through holiday cards can be more meaningful than other forms of giveaways. For one, the recipient will appreciate the time and effort that you spent on designing the card yourself. In fact, holiday cards offer a whole host of benefits that you may not have heard about. Read on to know what’s in store for you when you start designing DIY holiday cards for those you care about. Meanwhile, if you are looking for amazing crafts packed with tiny diamond-like facets, check out AussieTrend Handicrafts Diamon Dots.

1. One of a Kind Expression of Appreciation

There are many options for paper or digital Christmas cards available in the market today. That means that you’re almost sure to find a design that’ll fit your personality and budget. But no matter how funny or witty the quote printed on the card is, off-the-shelf or ready-made digital cards can look generic. How can you be sure that the recipient hasn’t already received the same card from someone else?

If you make your own card, you can be sure that it’s totally unique. Even if you take inspiration from other greeting cards or use a quote from a famous personality, you can make it one of a kind with different combinations of colors, fonts and pictures.

2. Personalized Message

One surefire way you can show that someone is important to you is by giving them a personalized card. Designing a holiday card that’s tailor-made to fit the recipient’s personality and preferences is not an easy feat. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to pick the right message, recall personal stories or anecdotes, find the right quote and even choose the perfect color and font. The more you personalize the card, the more it speaks to your effort and thoughtfulness. Consequently, the card will provoke a better reaction. If you spend some more time making the card, your extra efforts will not go un-appreciated.  Especially when complemented by our best-selling self-inking stamps.

When making a greeting card for the workplace, it may be impossible to customize it for each recipient. But if you have time, you can show your personal touch by adding a photo, message, or even a funny line on each card that you design. Your clients or co-workers will know that the cards are uniquely created for them, and this’ll help to make them feel special.

3. A Chance to Express Yourself

Set of christmas new year winter holiday cute greeting cards

Designing your own holiday card allows you to express yourself and let your talent shine. The card is your canvas, so you have an opportunity (or an excuse) to experiment with various color schemes, techniques and even types of paper and font. You never know, you might just find something you never knew you were good at.

Designing your own holiday cards isn’t a waste of time, though it may feel like it when you don’t know how. This project can help you to hone your talents. Through time and practice, you’ll gain confidence in your skills, and it may represent a steppingstone to bigger and bolder projects in the future.

4. May Help To Improve Your Health

Although the purpose of designing holiday cards is to make other people happy, you also reap some personal benefits from it. Expressing creativity or embarking on a new hobby, such as paper crafting or digital design, can help to distract you from your everyday worries, and even release dopamine.

Designing presentable greeting cards takes focus and skill; this kind of mental exercise boosts brain functions, particularly in older adults. In fact, a study has shown that adults who participate in arts and crafts, whether physically or online, can lessen the risk of developing mild dementia.

5. Cost-effective

Personalized holiday cards are affordable but suitable for the recipient because you put in the time and effort to make it appear flawless and ideal. You benefit from a more efficient and affordable way to ensure that you save more for your year-end celebrations. You may maintain your uniqueness and make sure you include a contemporary and relevant design and content by drawing on your vast knowledge and what you learn from those store-bought cards and DIY tutorials on the Internet.

6. Time-efficient

No matter how much time you have before sending out Holiday cards, if you take your time and choose the appropriate designs, it will have the desired outcome. If you don’t have the time to complete everything, a digital platform allows for a speedy turnaround. There are simply a few required additions, like a message. Personalize your message and pick the best photo to add warmth to your holiday card.

7. Socially responsible

Embrace change by including incredible ideas that complement the theme and elevate the Holiday card. By transitioning to a design that embraces technological advancement and change, you may make the decision to be environmentally responsible. You can demonstrate ethical responsibility by supporting a cause, such as a charity. In either case, the recipient will treasure your personalized Holiday card.

Some Design Tips for DIY Holiday Cards

Designing a holiday card on your own is not an easy task. So, here are some design tips to help you with the project:

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold – Make your Christmas cards stand out. Don’t be afraid to pick bold color combinations and use striking fonts. Just don’t overdo it. Take the time to experiment which colors go well with one another, and which font best matches your message or theme.
  • Think Outside the Box – Picking hot pink for girls or a masculine design for boys are safe choices. But don’t you think that’s boring? Test your limits a bit, and let your creativity soar. Remember that you want to spread holiday cheer, not drear, so think of ways in which you can bring a smile or laugh to whoever receives your card.
  • Design for All Pages – Greeting cards, whether paper or digital, have two sides. So, when designing your own card, make sure you think of both the ‘outside’ and ‘inside’. You don’t need elaborate designs for the page with the message, but at least add a small element of the design and color scheme to make your card consistent and connected.
  • Match the Design with Your Copy – Make sure that the message of your card matches its visual design. If you’re sending a serious, heartfelt Christmas message, then don’t add wacky pictures or crazy fonts, as the two will detract from rather than enhance each other.
  • Find Inspiration – If you’re really struggling with the design, you can always surf the net to find inspiration. Don’t forget to check out templates of e-cards, as their designs are usually curated by experts in the greeting card industry.


Designing your own greeting cards should be a part of your overall holiday planning. There’s a lot more to gain from the process than you’d think. Apart from the fact that DIY greetings cards show how special the recipients are to you, designing them can help to boost your mental health, allow you to express your creativity and even help to protect the environment. Get designing; when things seem a little difficult, don’t be afraid to browse around and search for inspiration.