3 Fun Trips to Take With Your Friends Who Love Wildlife

Do you and your friends love being outdoors and enjoying all that wildlife has to offer? Maybe you spend time together fishing, going for trail walks, or being on the lookout for animals. Regardless of what you and your friends appreciate, there are so many different trips you can take to make incredible memories together! Here are three fun ideas that you can try out with your friends.

 1. Go on a fishing trip.

If you and your friends are into doing activities outdoors, like fishing, then it’s worthwhile to consider going on some sort of fishing trip that allows you to experience the fishing opportunities of a lifetime. Grab your poles, fishing license, and friends to book a weekend where you can really capitalize on this hobby. Once you’re ready to look for fishing guides, check out these Fraser River fishing guides for Sturgeon fishing that’s been around since 1997.

This expert guide lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, and has fished the Fraser River their entire life, so you can ensure they appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and know the best spots to go for ideal fishing. Plus, even for beginners, they’ll provide the fishing gear and advice so you’ll learn how to fish. Hopefully, with some patience, you might even catch a Fraser River Sturgeon in the process.

 2. Take a visit to the zoo.

ping flamingos

Understandably so, sometimes people who love wildlife don’t love the idea of visiting certain zoos. However, they’re a great place to visit to marvel and appreciate these amazing animals. So, when it comes time to choosing a zoo that makes the best choice for their animals and the animal exhibits present, then you should look into using these Zoo Miami Coupons that will help you get maximum savings on your visit.

The Miami Zoo groups their animals based on geographic territories and pairs these habitats with species that would live together peacefully in the wild. Additionally, the trees, plants, and our soil are studied to be matched as close as possible to the animals’ natural habitats as well.

Plus, this zoo has plenty of conservation projects to help keep habitats in the best shape for their animals. Not to mention, when you donate to Zoo Miami’s conservation initiatives, they give 100 percent of your contribution to the program of your choice. This way, you can rest easy knowing your visit and money are going towards a business that supports the wildlife you hold so near and dear to your heart.

 3. Book a weekend at a lake house.

cabin on pond

While the other two ideas are more specific trips, maybe you’re looking for some sort of trip that could work for the entire family. If you and your friends have children, then consider going broader and check out villas or home rental property that’s nestled on a lake. This way, you a have a variety of outdoor activities instead of sticking to one venture that might not please your entire family and all of the friends that are on the trip.

For example, if you book a lake house for a few days, you could go boating, layout on the lake on some tubes, try out paddleboarding, and find nearby hiking trails to explore. If you have older people going on the trip, then it’s awesome that they can stay indoors to bask in the glory of the lakehouse.

Another fun idea to consider looking into is to checkout local wineries that are one-of-a-kind and allow you to appreciate the bounty of the area. Plus, it’s a great idea to head to restaurants that offer up local cuisine that recognize the value of sourcing local ingredients from farms and gardens that take care of the wildlife around them.