3 Big Costs to Think About Before Getting a Cat

Realizing you want a cat is an exciting moment in your life. They can be a cute and cuddly addition to your home, a constant companion through your ups and downs. But don’t let your enthusiasm stop you from thinking about the practical side to providing a happy, healthy home for your cat. Here are the top three expenses to consider before bringing home a four-legged friend.

Veterinary Care

An annual, routine office call could cost you up to $250, but your specific bill depends on a lot of factors.

Cat’s Health:  The average healthy cat may only need a quick once over every year, but you may require more tests and medications if you have a chronically ill or senior pet.

Vet: Each clinic will set its own prices. If you’re on a tight budget, look for compassionate vets that provide a sliding scale for their services.

Location: California is the most expensive state for vet care, with average annual spending exceeding $1,500. Vet care in Missouri, by comparison, costs $900 on average each year.

Unexpected Costs

Cats are infamously curious by nature, so they can get into a lot of things they shouldn’t. They can swallow an elastic band or chew on a toxic plant. Vets recommend saving a little extra top of your usual vet budget exactly for these reasons.

If these savings fall short of what you need, you may consider putting the emergency expense on a line of credit. Knowing you have emergency cash on standby can give you peace of mind during an extremely stressful situation.

Most lines of credit give you about a month until you have to pay off your expenses, and you may even have an opportunity to make a minimum payment if you need more time to come up with the funds.

When it comes time to pay, you’ll also have to cover interest and finance charges. These may vary just like vet care, similarly dependent on your lender and location. In fact, you’ll only be able to borrow from a lender that’s licensed in your state. So, if you call Missouri home, you should stick with finding a personal line of credit in Missouri.

By focusing on local personal lines of credit, you can borrow from a legit lender that cares about your financial health. To find one, try using this phrase in your next Internet search: Missouri line of credit. Sub in your state if you live elsewhere.

Recurring Expenses

With hope, an emergency never happens. But buying food, kitty litter, grooming, and toys? You can expect to pay for them every month. According to Rover, most cat owners spend an annual $180–840 on food, $205–240 on litter, and $5–25 on toys each year.

Make sure you can afford to make these regular purchases to ensure you can provide a healthy home for your new pet.

Can You Handle the Financial Responsibility?

It’s easy to think of a cat as an adorable toy, but they have physical and emotional needs just like you. If you’re ready to take on that special duty, sit down with your budget and confirm you have the funds to back it up. Caring for your new furry companion will be easier when you keep the above costs in mind.

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