20 facts about dogs that may surprise you

1. Why do dogs lick people and other dogs?

Puppies will lick their mothers or owners as a sign of affection or show that they are hungry. In adulthood, licking becomes a manifestation of obedience to an owner. Thus, if your dog is licking you, he is probably trying to tell you that he needs something, such as food or attention.

Licking itself helps your dog calm down and relieve stress. But if the dog is constantly doing it, it may indicate that it is bored or has a skin problem (so consider you need to contact your veterinarian).

2. Why do dogs spin around before lying on the ground?

It would seem like a waste of time or adherence to ancient superstitions if we were to spin around before we lay down to take a nap, but it is a matter of old habits for dogs. The dogs inherited this behavior from their wild ancestors. Believe it or not, but before going to sleep, they stomped tall grass with their paws, scaring off bugs or snakes and turning it into a soft, comfortable bed. But as your dog is no more a wild creature, consider choosing it a comfortable place to sleep. According to expert’s research on ThePets, the presence of a permanent place to rest and sleep gives the dog a sense of security, peace of mind, and healthy sleep.

3. Can I leave my dog in a car alone?

According to the American Kennel Club, a dog should not be left alone in a car. Not only it will miss you, but the temperature inside the car rises quickly whether it is parked in the sun or not, and the dog’s body gets overheated quite easily!

4. Can a dog improve my mood?

The feeling of happiness you get from watching a bunch of puppies play with each other is genuine. Research has shown that spending time with dogs, especially in stressful situations, can help relieve tension. When interacting with these cute creatures, you can lower your blood pressure (they like to go for walks, which contributes to better health).

5. How smart are dogs?

Dogs can understand up to 250 words and gestures. Actually, an ordinary dog ​​has the intelligence of a two-year-old child.

6. What does a wet nose stand for?

There is a widespread misconception that a dog’s wet nose is a sign of good health. The real reason is completely different. One explanation is that dogs constantly lick their nose throughout the day to keep it clean. The truth is that a wet nose helps them stay cool. Dogs do not sweat as much as humans, so they breathe heavily and generate extra heat through their noses. A special gland in the nose produces a clear liquid that helps them cool down faster.

7. Do dogs know how I feel?

Dogs can recognize your mood. A 2016 study by researchers at the Universities of Lincoln and São Paulo showed that dogs are capable of responding to the emotions of people – even those depicted in photographs.

8. Why can dogs smell things so good?

Dogs distinguish smells thousands of times better than the average person. They control 300 million olfactory receptors (compared to 6 million for humans). What’s more, the part of the brain responsible for smell is 40 times larger in dogs than in humans.

9. How do dogs breathe?

While humans inhale and exhale in the same way, dogs inhale through the nostrils and exhale through the slits located on the sides of the nose. Air circulates through this system in such a way that the animal always picks up new smells.

10. Can a dog be jealous?

Any owner of two pets will tell you that dogs are definitely jealous – and it is true! Many studies found that your pet gets offended when you pet other dogs in front of him.

Can a dog be jealous

11. Why do dogs rummage in the ground?

Imagine that your dog is tired of chewing on his favorite bone, but it wants to leave it for later. Instead of throwing the bone in an open place where anyone can pick it up, your pet decides to bury it in a secret place where no stranger can find it. Note: If your dog is digging in the ground for not practical reasons, then it may simply have nowhere to put its energy.

12. Why does my dog keep bowing?

Are you wondering why dogs bow? In most cases, this is an important evolutionary function. A striking example is a playful bow: when the dog leans forward, resting its front paws on the ground, and lifts the rear while wagging its tail. The Bow pose is a playful expression, which is important for a species that often uses playtime to practice attacking prey.

13. Are there dog breeds that are cat friendly?

If you have a cat and want to have a dog, you need to pay attention to the following breeds: Golden Retriever, Continental Toy Spaniel, Labrador, and Beagle. Of course, every dog ​​has a unique personality, and the breeds listed above do not guarantee that your cat will befriend the dog.

14. Labradors are the most popular dogs in America

According to the American Kennel Club’s official list, Labradors, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers have been the most popular purebred dogs since at least 2014. Labradors have been the # 1 most popular breed for 24 consecutive years.

15. What will be the color of labrador’s puppies?

Regardless of the parents’ color, a single Labrador offspring may include black, yellow, and chocolate puppies. Two genes affect coat pigmentation, so variations are as common as different hair colors in the human family.

16. How can I test how smart my dog is?

Testing a dog’s intelligence is based on learning new commands quickly.

The Border Collie and German Shepherd, for example, are considered some of the smartest dog breeds. To be highly intelligent, breeds must understand the new command from just the fifth time and follow the first command given to them all the time.

How can I test how smart my dog is

17. Can I have a dog that looks like a puppy its whole life?

Although rare, some dogs can suffer from pituitary dwarfism, just like humans. As a result, they remain puppies forever, fluffy, and small. While this condition makes them look like adorable teddy bears, it comes with many health problems.

18. How to train my dog to bring items?

Well, the question is whether you want it damaged or not. Some dogs can hold eggs in their mouths without damaging them. Golden Retrievers have soft mouths. This means they can hold things in their mouths without damaging them – an important skill for bringing hunting trophies. The mouths of golden retrievers are so delicate that they can even be trained to hold a raw egg without damaging the shell.

19. Why does my dog sniff the other dog’s butt?

Dogs sniff each other’s butts as if asking: “Who are you? How are you?” They can smell a lot of useful information. The secretions emitted are indicative of the dog’s nutrition, sex, and mood.

20. Does dog tails wagging mean something?

A dog’s tail can tell a lot about how it feels. Free wagging from side to side means that the dog feels relaxed and content. A faster tail wagging indicates that the dog is happy or is greeting a loved one. A straight tail is a sign of confidence or aggression. A set tail usually means fear or submission.