15 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

Getting engaged is a happy moment for the couple since it kicks off an exciting partnership. However, to make sure everything goes as anticipated for your wedding, here are fifteen essential things to do right after the engagement:


According to an experienced wedding fanatic and a professional wedding photographer surrey enthusiast, if you’re like most couples, your families probably don’t know each other much; thus, celebrating your engagement makes it an excellent moment for families to meet and interact. Before thinking of diving into your wedding plans, there are many ways to celebrate your engagement, including taking a trip together, spending a romantic night at your favorite hotel, shopping together, and throwing an engagement party.

Open a Joint Account

Saving for your wedding needs all parties to actively participate, especially since transparency is essential at this phase. Traditionally, it’s a fantastic experience if you and your partner agree on opening a joint account to save for your wedding expenditure. Also, an account makes it easy for friends and families to send their contributions towards your wedding directly. It also helps your wedding coordinators find it easy to track donations and voucher gifts.

Insure Your Engagement Ring

This might not be ideal for many, but it’s crucial to insure your ring so that you don’t have to worry about the costs you will incur if it gets lost or damaged.

Make and Pin an Inspirational Board

Right after your engagement, your wedding is probably around the corner, and the last thing you’ll want is missing your adorable styles.  Begin pinning and establishing an inspirational board from social media and bridal designers to determine your wedding theme, dress code, and décor. Also, as soon as you’ve decided on color and style, start narrowing them down and presenting them to your wedding shoppers or designers to help you pick the best fitting.

Decide the Best Season for Your Wedding

If you hate disappointments from the weather, be sure to identify the best season for your occasion. Check out weather forecasts and your photographers to determine the best time your portraits would be captured accurately and clearly.  Also, use your styles and design collection themes to identify the right season.

Establish Your Budget and Make a Guest List

Think about how much you’d want to spend on your wedding cocktail party, dressing, and other things. Since you’ll need a significant amount of money to make your event memorable, be sure to set the proper budget that’d wheel everything perfectly. Moreover, a proper budget will help you know how much you and your partner can afford and how much contributions you might need from friends and family.

Hire Wedding Planners

Wedding designers and consultants are essential. They’ll guide you on the budget needed to meet every need considering your wedding choice. Generally, modern weddings are expensive than traditional ones. An experienced wedding planner will know the best themes and the costs of the party, photos and help you plan better.

Get the Best Venue

Based on the age group of your wedding team and guests, venues like greenhouses and cheap places like libraries are incredible for memorable photo-taking sessions without having to spend much on hotels. Also, narrow down a list of locations with the help of your organizers to identity the most incredible sites based on your wedding themes and personal preferences.

Fit and Try Your Wedding Dress

Don’t assume your dress of choice is the ultimate selection that’d make your day exciting. Try and fit it to ensure it’s the right size, especially for your body figure. Furthermore, trying different dresses while shopping can help you develop new fashion ideas.

Go For a Date Night

To avoid panic and anxiety on your big day, take your partner out for a date and spend time together. Discuss the songs and other things you’ll all want to incorporate on your wedding and more.

Book Wedding Professionals on Time

Creating memorable moments will need you to book photographers, designers, and wedding consultants on time. Late scheduling can significantly be expensive since qualified individuals will charge more considering they’ve many last-minute customers.

Create a Wedding Page or Site

With today’s increase of easy-to-use websites and social media accounts, creating a page for your wedding is an exciting experience. A website or social media page will help you manage your wedding seamlessly by sharing dress code, meal, and venue ideas with family and friends without moving from place to place.

Choose Your Bridal Team Wisely

Based on your interests, decide how many groomsmen and bridesmaids you want. Select them on time so you can train them to make the event entertaining and memorable.

Take Time to Interview Your Wedding Professionals

Talking to designers and consultants will help you settle for professionals that understand your interests. If you’re bringing performers like musicians, be sure you’ve interviewed them so they’d play according to your interests.


Weddings and marriages come with anxieties and worries. To prevent these feelings from interfering with your big day, do things that excite you and forget the occasion briefly, by reading books aloud or watching films with your partner.