1300 or 1800 Phone Number: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Having a business means appearing as a professional entity to the world. While that can include a wide variety of things, having a professional phone number is definitely among one of them.

In the current age of technology, you need to have a virtual business phone number to run your company. A virtual number can allow you to enjoy plenty of benefits while conveying the message that you are a legitimate Australian business.

Let’s get into the specifics of the two most common types of virtual business phone numbers. Namely, 1800 and 1300.

Why Choose 1800 or 1300?

Having a 1300 or an 1800 number can give your company a professional edge, making your business appear much more significant.

Here, you have the opportunity to be creative and make a unique number for your customers. You can pick an easy-to-remember number. But a better option would be thinking of a word that will be far easier to remember and that associates with your business. Just keep in mind that the numbers have 10 digits in total, including the 1800 or 1300.

How Do 1300 and 1800 Number Actually Work?

1800 and 1300 are exclusively inbound numbers, which means that you can only receive calls with these numbers instead of making outbound calls.

Another significant aspect of these numbers is that they are virtual. They don’t exist as traditional phone lines, and they only work through the internet. You will need to work with a service that provides a virtual phone number in Australia. They will reroute the calls to your desired phone, mobile, and even your computer device.

What Is The Primary Difference Between An 1800 and 1300 Phone Number?

A 1300 number allows your customers to pick up the bill of the calls that they make to your company. If they are in Australia, then they will be paying the local rates. That is also why these 1300 numbers are called local rate numbers.

But just because your customers are paying for the calls doesn’t mean it is free for your company. Your business will still have to pay a fee to the service provider.

An 1800 number, on the other hand, allows your customers to call from anywhere in Australia without paying a single cent. These are quite popular, as it shows a consumer that the business really cares about them. That is also why these are commonly referred to as toll-free or free call numbers.

Which One Would Be Best For You?

Now that you know what the two common types of virtual business phone numbers in Australia are, you need to decide which one to pick. Unfortunately, no one can make the decision for you because you know your business the best.

However, you can use these questions for guidance:

  • What is your estimated budget? Remember, 1800 is more expensive than 1300.

  • Are your inbound calls mostly landline to landline? 1300 would be right there.

  • Are you worried your customers might not make calls from mobiles? 1300 might help you there.

  • Do you want an advertising boost? 1800 is a better option there.