10 Ways to Be a Sustainable Mom

Modern moms have more than enough responsibility when raising kids. While tech and conveniences have made things slightly easier, the hard work still must be done!

But in addition to the 24/7 schedule, moms can’t ignore one crucial factor: sustainability. The environmental piece is just one component – social and economic dimensions matter tool.

That’s why more moms are looking for sustainable ways to raise their kids while staying on top of those daily tasks and juggling everything else in life.

Here are 10 ways to be more sustainable in all aspects of motherhood.

1. Think Twice About Purchases

From wedding registries to baby showers, marriage and parenthood are all about consumption – that’s just how our society and economy are set up.

It can be hard to resist the urge to buy more and more when a baby is on the way, but in truth, you need far less than you think is required to raise a happy, healthy child in today’s world.

When the urge strikes to buy something new (it will), think twice about what you really need, and if there’s a sustainable alternative to consider.

2. Be Okay with Hand-Me-Downs

Learn to be grateful for clothes, toys, and equipment that will help you on the parenting journey, even if it’s not brand-new. There are ways to get hand-me-downs of all kinds, and everyone benefits from the trade-off! That goes for maternity clothes, as well.

This will not only save you cash in a time when money may be tight, but you’ll also rest assured knowing that you’re doing the right thing in terms of sustainability.

3. Walk More, Drive Less

We know that driving is just part of the deal when parenting, but if you live in a walkable neighborhood, you can make the sustainable choice with a nice daily walk or two.

Getting out and about is great for your body and mind as a mom, especially if you carry your child in your arms or a sling. At the same time, your baby learns so much from seeing the world with their own eyes and getting the benefits of fresh air.

4. Go For Natural Foods

It’s time to start reading those ingredient and nutritional panels whenever you grab something at the grocery store, especially if it’s for kids.

The secret is out that most kids’ food is loaded with sugar and tons of other unhealthy, unsustainable fillers like corn, soy, and seed oils. Prioritize natural foods for your children and they’ll grow up stronger, smarter, and live in a better world moving forward.

5. Keep Plastics to a Minimum

Nearly everything is made from plastic nowadays, and production of this material is far from sustainable. Try to minimize plastics in your baby’s clothes, carriers, pacifiers, and all the other accessories in your lineup.

Fewer plastics means a healthier planet, better development for your baby, and peace of mind knowing that you’re doing the right thing as a parent.

6. Skip the Baby Formula

If possible, avoid relying too much on baby formula and breastfeed when you can. Most formulas have questionable ingredients that may not be so healthy or sustainable.

Using the formula in a pinch is not the end of the world, but when you can manage, do things the way nature intended.

7. Bring in House Plants

It seems like a surface-level thing, but house plants truly liven up a space and help young children to thrive in their earliest years.

Not only do plants increase air quality and brighten our moods, but they also set a good example for kids as they learn about all forms of life.

Just a few well-placed plants can make a big difference and inspire a life-long love of nature.

8. Use Green Cleaning Products

We won’t go into the scary ingredients contained in modern cleaning products here. Just know that there is usually a safer, more sustainable – and more affordable – way to clean your house and gear when raising a baby.

Classics like vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and borax can get the job done in most cases, so don’t overcomplicate things.

9. Rely Less On Screens

Being sustainable is more than just a carbon footprint equation. It’s also about spending more quality time in the real world instead of the digital universe that children live in today.

Use tablets and televisions strategically but don’t let them become the main event of your child’s upbringing.

10. Try Eco-Friendly Diapers

Most store-bought diapers are loaded with abrasive plastics, weird adhesives, and other unnatural components that aren’t good for your baby or the planet.

Look into cloth-based natural diapers that are comfortable, effective, and sustainable on every front.

Being a sustainable mom doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient. In fact, things are a lot simpler when you minimize waste and use what’s available. Incorporate these tips and always be on the lookout for more ways to better your sustainability journey.