10 Things You Can Do to Help the Environment

If you keep up with the news, you have probably heard about the dangers of climate change and the damage we are doing to the environment. The good news is that you can take action today to ensure that you are doing your part to protect the world that we call home.

Here are ten steps that you can take to help the environment in your everyday life:

1. Control Water Use

It is easy to assume that you do not overuse water in your home. But little things can add up, like for instance, leaving the tap on while brushing your teeth or shaving can waste a lot of water. Make changes to how everyone in your home uses water!

Yosoo Automatic Infrared Sensor Faucet

Most of the water is wasted because we forget to close the tap while brushing and cleaning. Using a tap faucet that works with an automatic infrared sensor allows the tap to close automatically when your hand in not under the faucet. Also, it lasts equally long since it is made of high-quality non-rusting brass, zinc and alloy.

2. Forget the Car

Ditch your car on certain occasions. While you may need your car on some days, try to bike, walk or use public transit when possible. And on the days when you need to take your car, consider carpooling with others. Save fuel by planning your whole day, completing your daily tasks in between you drive to and fro from work to home rather than going out all the way for bread or milk.

3. Recycle

Every modern product that you buy will have a label indicating whether it can be recycled. If you see a recycling label, put it in your recycling pile. And then take that pile out each week so that your local recycling centre can do its work.

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4. Reuse

There are so many ways that we can cut down on our consumption. Ditching plastic bags and zip-top bags for the freezer is one step. By purchasing reusable grocery bags and Freezer Bags, you can start to cut down on how much plastic you waste each month.

USWAY Reusable Produce Bags 

This 7-pcs set of reusable mesh and muslin bags are a great buy if you wish to make your contribution to saving the environment. You can use these bags for grocery items, fruits, vegetables, books and/or any other heavy duty thing. All the bags are easy to open and close through a drawstring and olive tree wood toggle. Additionally, they are easy to wash at home so you can use it in your daily routine and not worry if they get stained.

5. Compost

Take some time to imagine how much trash you produce in a year. Composting can help you recycle a lot of your solid waste each year. And it is so easy, while it even helps fertilize your garden!

6. Change Light Bulbs

You can purchase CFL bulbs that are 10 times longer lasting compared to regular bulbs. And they are more energy efficient as well!

Philips Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent T2 Twister Household Light Bulb

Philips Compact Fluorescent Soft White Light Bulbs are bright in light and high in energy efficiency. This 40 watt light bulb is mercury free and has a much greater life than an ordinary bulb, making itself great for living rooms, hallways, kitchen, offices and bedrooms.

7. Insulate Your Home

Through energy efficient windows and other steps, you can insulate your home so that less air goes in and out. It will ensure you can run your heating and cooling system less during the summer and winter months to achieve the same temperature.

8. Turn off Lights

If you are not in a room, turn off the lights. And consider removing some light bulbs from your light fixtures, if you do not need rooms to be incredibly bright all the time!

9. Buy Second Hand

Consider purchasing second-hand goods when possible. Items such as clothes are great second hand, especially if you visit vintage or thrift shops. And it reduces your overall consumption.

10. Keep Electronics Longer

Resist the urge to buy a new cell phone, tablet or laptop every year. And if you do buy electronics often, buy used ones instead!

For more ideas…

365 Ways to Save the Earth

The journey to save the environment just begins with these 10 steps and there is a lot more than you can do. This book is a daily dose; with all the possible factors such as health, leisure, food, automobiles, energy, consumerism etc. that are affecting the environment. To sensitize people, it illustrates each problem with a picture followed by an action that the reader can take to make their contribution.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by bad news regarding the environment. You may feel as if there is nothing a single person can do. However, all of these action steps are nowhere impossible, in fact, the world is coming together to take small steps that lead to bigger rewards. You just have to make the right changes and encourage others to do the same, it will make a difference!