10 Things to Know before Having your Pool Remodeled

Considered to be a practical luxury by most American homeowners, swimming pools do more than just provide you with the means to enjoy a relaxing vacation at the comfort of your own home.

It also helps increase the value of your property making it a sensible investment.

You won’t be here if you weren’t planning to have your pool remodeled. But before you make that call to your pool remodeling service company, here are 10 things you need to know before you have your pool remodeled.

1. Reasons to remodel your pool

Different pool owners have their pools remodeled for different reasons. Here are a few.

  • Updating the pool’s looks and aesthetics.
  • Adding new pool features.
  • Changing the pool’s size, shape, and depth.
  • Repurposing the pool.

If you find yourself looking at an old and dated pool, maybe it’s time to have it remodeled. From old-looking tiles to plaster riddled with stains and smears, pool owners find it less appealing and the pool reasonably less inviting. It’s hard to invite guests in the summer when your pool is screaming spooktober… right?

You can also have your swimming pool remodeled when you plan to add features, like a spa, that can either make your backyard like a recreational center. Others repurpose their pools and change its dimensions. Some even convert them into athletic pools and therapeutic pools, especially those who see no use for a leisure pool.

The idea is to know the reason, or reasons, why you need to remodel your pool. It’s not a cheap undertaking, so make sure to get your reasons figured out before you call your pool remodeling service company.  Also be sure to check out pool tiles Sydney for great options.

2. Costs to remodel your pool

As we’ve just mentioned, remodeling and renovating a pool isn’t cheap. There are certain factors that affect the cost of pool remodeling like the quality of the materials, size of the pool, the amount of work involved. An average pool remodeling service ranges from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00. Basic aesthetic improvements will typically be cheaper while those that want their pools to emanate opulence and luxury can go as high as $100,000.

3. Pool interior finish

Another thing to consider when having your pool remodeled is choosing the type of pool interior finish. At the time of writing, the most common pool interior finishes are plasters, pool pebbles, and pool tiles. Each material will have its sets of advantages and disadvantages including beauty, longevity, and cost.

Plasters are a great place to start as pool plaster is often an affordable option for pool remodeling. The plaster used in pools is usually made out of white Portland cement and a mixture of aggregates. While it’s nothing more than a glorified cement, plaster offers several features making it the most popular pool finish in the past decade. As we’ve briefly covered above, pool plaster is affordable; it typically comes in white but can be had in different colors to match your pool’s aesthetics. Under good conditions, pool plaster can last up to seven years.

On the other hand, you have pool pebbles. Pool pebbles use larger aggregates that are intended to be exposed when the interior is finished. The typical pool pebble can measure anywhere from two to three millimeters but can also be had in smaller dimensions, often around one to two millimeters. The standard-sized pool pebble provides ideal traction while the smaller ones facilitate a smooth finish while offering decent grip. When taken cared of properly, pool pebbles can last anywhere from fifteen to twenty years.

Lastly, for pool owners that want to go all out on pool remodeling, pool tiles offer the perfect amount of durability and luxury. It lasts as long as pool pebbles but looks far better. That said, you’d see tiled pools often on large resorts and hotels where these amenities are considered to be an attraction rather than a mere provision. On that note, pool tiles can be more expensive than plaster and pebble.

4. Pool loans

Feel like you won’t make the budget? Don’t worry, you can take up a pool loan to help you finance your pool remodeling project. You can apply for a pool loan from banks, financial institutions, credit unions, and person-to-person lenders. But the best pool loans can be had from in-house services. Don’t be afraid to ask your pool remodeling service company if they offer in-house pool financing. In fact, they’ll be more than happy to help. You don’t even have to finance the whole project. You can loan only for the remainder of it and pay for the initial costs upfront.

5. When to remodel your pool

Believe it or not, deciding when to have your pool remodeled matters. Say you’re sitting in your backyard one afternoon and thought about how summer is coming. You quickly decide to have your pool remodeled on the last minute. While this can look like a good idea, you may be up for the worst.

Around this time, pool contractors are the busiest. The demand for pool remodeling service companies are high, materials used in remodeling pools are running out, and you might have a hard time finding a pool contractor who can commit to your project. The idea is to plan ahead of time, so you can make the most out of it. You can settle for a good price and you won’t run the risks of having a contractor rushing your pool remodeling project.

6. Pool equipment health

Before you have your pool remodeled, it’s always a good idea to have the health of your pool equipment checked. You can simply contact your local pool guy to see if they can confirm that your pool equipment still runs in good condition. You don’t want to have a beautiful pool with a broken pump or one with a dirty filter. Unless you know the ins and outs of your pool equipment pad, it’s best to ask a professional to inspect the integrity of your pool pump, pool heater, and other equipment that help keep your pool in good condition.

7. Your pool’s structural integrity

You’d also want to check the structural integrity of your pool before you do any remodeling. You’d want to inspect for hairline cracks and other obvious damages that you’d want to address when the remodeling starts. While you have the option to finance any unforeseen costs like broken pipes and damaged concrete, it’s still best to know them beforehand. You’d at least want to know your options on how to address these damages and the best way to repair them. Dealing with surprise repairs will often slow the project down and lead you to open your pool later than expected. You don’t need to hire a professional to inspect structural damages. Just give your pool a quick sweep and take note of visible damages on the pool’s interior, the deck, and your coping.

Which brings us to…

8. Deck and coping remodeling

You should also know that you can have the deck and the coping of your pool remodeled and not just the actual pool interior. The deck can accommodate different kinds of materials that can complement the pool interior. It can either match your pool’s aesthetic value while it can also be designed in a way that the pool stands out. The same goes with the pool coping.

You can also consider landscaping if you want a beautiful backdrop for your backyard.

9. Necessary features

Thinking about what features you need to add to your pool when remodeling can be exciting. However, you should know that there are features that are considered a necessity. While these features vary from state to state, these are often ones that ensure the safety of swimmers and homeowners.

The California Pool Safety Act of 2018 requires residential pools to have a three-sided fence and at least two of the features below.

  • A mesh safety fence.
  • A pool enclosure isolating the pool from the home.
  • A safety pool cover.
  • A door closing or a latching system.
  • Door alarms.
  • And a pool alarm.

10. Finding the right pool remodeling service company

Lastly, make sure that you seal the deal with the right pool remodeling service company. Look for one that has an active and a valid license to operate as a pool contractor with years of experience in the business. You’d also want to look for a company with a proven track record and one that has positive customer reviews.

If you haven’t found one yet, talk to the folks at Stanton Pools. They’re the best pool remodeling service company in California offering professional quality solutions for everything that’s pool related.