It is incredible to see a growing number of solar power systems being installed gallantly on houses and businesses. That’s the position of the world right now.

Did you just notice this growing trend, and now desire to install one soon?

Follow through this article and check out some important tips before you install your solar panels.

The Quality and State of your roof:

Your roof is the primary place for the installation of the solar power system. It is important to check out the condition of the roof before any installation process. If your roof has stayed for too long, you might need a new one before installing the solar panel.

On the other hand, while some are suitable for easy installation, some require extra costs and efforts. Moreover, you should be able to ascertain the weight structure of your roof; can it handle the weight of a solar power system?

The length of your stay in the house:

Installing solar panels is a tasking process. However, it pays off only if you intend to stay in the house for a long period. You would definitely pay less for electricity. But the enjoyment might be short-lived if you plan to leave very soon.


It is your responsibility to determine where the solar panel should face. It is important because an expertly placement and alignment of solar panels directly to sunlight help to generate a high amount of power.


Among others, you should survey the market well, because the solar panel business expands every year and it’d be difficult to determine those with quality panels. At the market level anyway, the competition has helped in reducing the price and cost of installation of solar panels, though it could be tasking.

Project Length:

You should spare a bit of your time for the installation process, as a busy person. It usually takes about a week or two for installation.

Other Sources of Electricity

You need to evaluate other options asides from solar energy. Although it doesn’t negate the fact that solar energy is beneficial, you should have an alternative of registering at the local electricity distribution company. And an added advantage is that you can use both energy sources in your house or business.


The manufacturer needs to be accountable for your solar panels through a warranty. It helps you to keep up with protecting your solar panels. Generally, the solar panel warranty is for 25-30 years; while the installation takes about 2-10 years.

Installation Company

Your choice of an installation company matters a lot. As much as you purchase your panel from a trusted source, you should also make the right choice of finding the right installation company. Otherwise, your roofs can be damaged at bad installation, plus the panels would definitely be affected.


Well, maintenance of your panels is not too expensive. The warranty should stand as a check for the maintenance rate of your panel. It is good to inquire about maintenance procedures from the manufacturer.


Before any installation project commences, ensure your house and other properties are absolutely insured. Any damage could occur during the installation process, and it is left to you to be on the safer side during situations like this.