10 Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Newbies

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While it’s possible to make it big and boost your income as an affiliate marketer, beginners often get confused and quit without seeing the full picture.

To help you sail through such difficult times, I’ve compiled a list of smart strategies. Also, check out the most high paying affiliate niches that will make you earn money in no time.

1. Keep It Relevant

Publish content that is relevant to the audience. It will ensure that your posts show up on the first page of Google search results.

Use headlines that drive traffic and make sure you include related keywords in your posts. Take the help of SEO and content marketing tools to know what phrases generate more traffic to your website.

2. Write Product Reviews

These days, when people want to buy a product, they first check its online reviews.

Since you have to promote links as a marketer, reviews are the best way to do it.

Write genuine reviews stating both the pros and cons of the product. Use simple language but don’t miss out on details like value for money and comparisons. Add eye-catching images to make it attractive.

The best way to write a convincing and honest review is to use words that make capture people’s attention. A good review means nothing if it has no attractive points. Certain words can be substituted to elevate the review even more, for example, instead of using “good” try “marvelous”, instead of “beautiful” use “stunning” or “gorgeous” these words are more descriptive.

3. Shorten The Links

Affiliate links are awkwardly long. If you post them as they are, they don’t blend with your content and ruin the aesthetics of your site. It can also give an impression that you run your site solely for promoting links.

Eventually, readers may find your content spammy or boring. Even if they don’t find it spammy it will look unprofessional and the content of the site will not matter if the overall look is unsightly.

Use approved URL shorteners and never compromise with the looks of your website.

4. Build Customer Relationship

When you receive a compliment in the comments section, reply with a ‘thank you’. Be polite and address criticisms.  It is always best to reply to all comments equally, even the bad ones. Try to offer customers who have had bad experiences incentives to keep connected to the business.

These incentives may include a coupon code, a promise for a complimentary product or service or just a simple acknowledgement that their input is valuable to the business.

Host webinars and Q&A sessions to build rapport with your followers. Conduct polls and see what kind of content your followers prefer.

5. Be Consistent

Once you’ve chosen a niche and started building your site around it, stick to it until the results show. If you write about technology for a week and suddenly switch to home decor, your audience will not find you reliable.

If you want to add another (relevant) niche, wait until your current one gets a decent reach and slowly incorporate different content now and then. This way, your followers will have time to adapt.

6. Work With Several Merchants

The biggest pro of affiliate marketing is that you can promote as many brands as you want. So, do not get stuck in promoting only one company all the time.  It is also a great opportunity for you to explore what works for you and the kind of brands you like working with more.

Market yourself as a brand so that various merchants will want you (your brand) to promote their products and services. It will also give you good exposure and help you in choosing future promotions.

7. Leverage Social Media

Marketing affiliate links on social media is proven to be very profitable and you shouldn’t wait too long to join the league.

Create a page on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Some of these sites provide paid ad features and analytics tools to improve your reach. Social media also serves as a great bridge between you and your followers.

The paid ads are very inexpensive as compared to other means of advertising and the best part is that you can choose the target audience yourself.

8. Don’t Ignore Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective tool for brand promotions. Email users outnumber social media users and this trend isn’t expected to change any soon.

But newbies don’t pay enough attention to email affiliate marketing and lose many potential opportunities. These marketing strategies contribute greatly to the overall marketing agenda.

Optimize your site with email pop-ups and engage your subscribers with unique email content once a week.  Setting up newsletters and advertising sales or promotions through emails are statistically more effective than other forms of marketing.

9. Optimize Conversion Rates

Your goal is to boost your income by increasing conversion rates.

Ministry of Freedom is an extensive training place for budding marketers. You can learn multiple strategies (including how to optimize conversion rates) that will help you build a steady career in affiliate marketing.

Check out the Ministry of Freedom Review on my site to learn more.

10. Subscribe To Google Alerts

Your audience can easily get bored if your content is not in line with the current trends. But it’s hard to keep tabs on everything happening on the globe.

Thanks to Google Alerts, you can subscribe and receive alerts (daily/weekly) about the latest developments in your niche and sources to look for, while working on your next post. This will allow you to keep your content relevant but also allow you to explore new niches that the world might be interested in.


Affiliate marketing is competitive and therefore, you’ll have to learn new skills regularly. Start with these beginner strategies and see what works best for you. 

You don’t necessarily have to abide by all these rules but once you find the one that works best for you, you can become a pro at affiliate marketing. Just remember to stay on top of your game and keep going. It’s easy to want to give up because you’re not getting results but with patience and perseverance, you will start to see a difference.

Wish you good luck!!!

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