10 Modern Dining Room Ideas

Image source: 1825 Interiors

Whether you have a luxuriously large dedicated dining room, a combined dining and living space or a cosy nook tucked into the corner of your kitchen, you’re going to need a few modern dining room styling ideas to put together the best scene possible! Follow these ten tips and ideas to perfect your styling process…

Set Your Formality

First thing’s first, you’ll need to determine the formality of your dining space. This is typically a pretty natural process as you can follow the type of dining room you’ve got on your hands! Dedicated dining spaces will usually stick to a more formal feel, but if you’re tight on space or it just feels wasteful to use a whole room just for dining, a combined living and dining room will help to create a mid point between formal and relaxed. Homes with dining nooks should stick to an informal mood to enhance that lovely intimate atmosphere that comes with cosier spaces. Following the character of the space will mean that your home feels completely comfortable and natural.

Follow the Flow

If you’re updating your dining area in a home that’s already decorated, it is absolutely essential that you follow the design that you’ve created. This will help your space to cohesively flow, making it feel all the more comfortable and stylised. If you’re furnishing from scratch, you should look into different design categories to give your interiors some stylish direction.

Create a Colour Scheme

Next, colour. This one can be really tricky for many people, but if you’re following the flow of your home or you’re sticking to a chosen aesthetic category, then you’ve already done the bulk of the work without knowing it! Every category has its own colours and textures that help to define it, follow these and you’ll have a beautiful, harmonious dining space on your hands in no time!

Consider Investing in a Package

Purchasing a dining table and chairs separately can become complicated and stressful relatively quickly. Save yourself the trouble and treat yourself to a dining package instead! This is going to guarantee that the table and chairs you choose fit together perfectly, both in style, feel and size!

Switch Up for Seasonality

You can always alternate your accessories and soft furnishings to make your dining space work for you and your family, all year round. Add throw pillows, blankets, table runners and rugs to layer up for winter and switch these out for sculptural embellishments and house plants for the warmer months.

Add Soft Furnishings

Plush and tactile furnishings make your dining space feel incredibly welcoming for yourself, your family and any guests you might plan on hosting. This is a great way of adding visual interest with different textures, patterns and tones.

Keep it Personal

Accessorise accordingly to ensure that your dining room still feels personal to you and your family. Great style should not come at the cost of comfort or homeliness. Add plenty of photographs, books, trinkets and artwork to keep the space personal.

Invest in Classic Quality

Prioritise timeless, high quality pieces when you’re decorating any room. Classic, quality furniture, materials and colours are going to stand the test of time, you can always add extra excitement with your accessories and soft furnishings.

Don’t Forget the Power of Lighting

Don’t forget the power of lighting when you’re designing your dining room! Statement overhead lights, layered lamps and even just candles can help to enhance the atmosphere.

Have Fun!

Lastly, remember to have fun! Let yourself be creative, get the family involved and don’t take it all too seriously.