10 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Save Time

Let’s see, you are very proud of your spotlessly clean home and love spending time in it, but odds are you begrudge the time spent to get it in that state. You just know there has to be a better way. Well, guess what? There is. Here are 10 home cleaning tips and tricks that save time. 

1. Set Up a Schedule

Consider the situation and figure out how long you’re going to spend cleaning on the whole before you even begin. Once you’ve determined exactly how much time you’re going to use on this project, divide your time into segments. Say 20 minutes to vacuum the downstairs, perhaps 20 for the upstairs also, etc. Since you now have a target to meet, you’ll be working not only harder, but faster in order to stick with your cleaning schedule

Furthermore, if you really detest a certain job such as cleaning the bathroom knowing exactly how much time you’re going to spend there, say maybe 15 minutes, can let you put it into perspective, so you won’t feel like it’s this insurmountable chore you have to get through. You can look at it from the perspective that it’s only 15 mins, not forever.

2. Begin at the Top in the Kitchen

Sounds minor, but it’s important. Start your cleaning from the top and make your way down. The law of gravity exerts its pull on everything, and that includes household dust. Don’t wash your kitchen floors until you have finished everything else. If you do them before you are done with other chores, then you’ll be sending dust and counter crumbs onto the floors, plus perhaps leaving footprints behind, and you will end up cleaning them twice. That’s one job you don’t want to have to repeat.

3. Clean as You Go

This is a simple method to save some cleaning time, and it works especially well in your kitchen and bathroom. For instance, when you’re cooking, wipe off the surfaces as you need too and be sure to put used bowls and utensils in the sink. If you spill something on your stovetop, wipe it up as soon as it happens so that you can keep encrusted stains from forming. These are harder to clean and more time consuming too. Do the same in your bathroom. Wipe up any toothpaste in or on the bathroom sink every day and do the same for any soap scum.  

4. Prepare the Room for Vacuuming

Have the room ready for when you are going to vacuum it. This means pick up any items lying or scattered on the carpet, and pull the furniture out from the walls. With these things done you won’t have to worry about starting and stopping the vacuum as much. You may also contact someone who can do the work for you like Boas cleaning services.

5. Empty Debris Bag

Before you start vacuuming, always empty the debris bag. Actually, you should do this every time you’re finished vacuuming so that you won’t have to take the time to do it when you’re just starting your cleaning. It’s best to begin your vacuuming with an empty debris bag. This gives you more suction and keeps you from being forced to stop and empty debris while in the middle of your vacuuming.

6. Dust Prior to Vacuuming

Same as in the kitchen. While you are going about your dusting routine, particles of dust and dirt will land on the carpet. If you dust first and then vacuum, you won’t have to vacuum the carpet twice. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these particles won’t be noticeable because they will be, and besides that, you’ll know they’re out there just waiting for you, so it’s best to eliminate the problem before it starts.

7. Vacuum Chord

Plug the vacuum into a socket located in the center of the house. This will eliminate you having to continuously plug and unplug it as you move about. You will be able to do your vacuuming without interruption if you do this. You’ll feel better not having to repeatedly bend up and down, and you’ll enjoy the smooth flow of your vacuuming too.

If the cord on your vacuum is too short to do this, simply add an extension cord and you will solve the problem and get the desired result.

8. Carry Your Supplies With You

Place all of the supplies you will need for that day’s activities in a bucket and take them with you wherever you go. Cleaners, brushes, sprays, dust cloths, etc. This way you will ensure that you will have whatever you need precisely when you need it. You won’t have to waste time looking for things or having to stop and go get something you need when you could be cleaning instead. It’s what all good professional cleaners do when they are starting a job.

9. Eliminate Distractions

Focus on the situation at hand and doing what needs to be done. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by anything else. Interrupting your work even if it’s for something as simple as bringing the mail in, or a quick telephone chat with a friend, can end up costing you valuable time as one distraction leads to another and before you know it your entire schedule is thrown off.

10. Eliminate Some Chores

Give yourself a break without feeling guilty about it. Realize that despite your best intentions you just can’t clean the entire house every week. By the time you finish getting into every nook and cranny, not only will you be exhausted, but probably not in the best of moods as well. It really isn’t worth the stress and strain.

Instead, recognize your limits and deal only with the chores that must be done in order for the house to stay clean and neat, and sanitary. Leave the rest to do when you have the time and energy.

The bottom line is that cleaning your home doesn’t have to become an endless all day project, nor does it have to be a gruelling routine. Just follow these 10 home cleaning tips and tricks that save time and you will notice an appreciable difference, not only in the amount of valuable time you save, but in the new and improved attitude you will have about your household cleaning.