10 best fine dining places in Singapore for romantic dinner

Fine dining is just more than the taste, it is an experience of specifically dedicated meal courses with beautifully plated and more expensive and unique than other restaurants. Fine dining almost started in Paris in the 19th century. Dinner dates are common. Whenever you meet your significant other there is a chance to go for dinner together and create an important event to surprise your partner. Then you look for a romantic dining place for enjoying incredible food and a memorable experience.  Singapore is one of the finest fine dining destinations in Asia. The options are unending for the best fine dining experience in Singapore. You can find the best top-quality western, French, and Asian food styles from all over the globe. Here is the list of the best fine dining places in Singapore:


There you can enjoy the best fine dining experience in Singapore. It is beautifully surrounded by lush greenery and decorated with a unique style interior. There you find top-rated Italian foods. Their award-winning Chef Gary Wu makes delicious dishes with innovative flavors and tastes that are loved by Italian food lovers. They also offer a large variety of wines for their guests. It is the best romantic dining place to have a memorable dinner. It is a great fine dining spot where you can also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Its sophisticated atmosphere and extravagant presentations can please you.

Alma by Juan Amador

This Singapore fine dining is located away from the city center. The German Chef Juan Amador opened this fine dining restaurant. Alma is a European restaurant famous for European flavors. Their food is diverse from traditional European flavors to modern innovative flavors. Its elegant modern European food makes it famous.

The award-winning restaurant is blessed with unique gastronomical creations thanks to its current Executive Chef Haikal Johari, who takes inspiration from his years of training and experience in Europe as well as drawing on local Asian ingredients and flavors. This chef’s expertise has been recognized as one of the best in the region, and he employs a modern-European style with subtle Asian influences to allow guests an unforgettably delicious experience.

Jaan of Kirk Westaway

It is a fine dining restaurant in Singapore that specializes in French food and its food courses change according to the seasons. Their new chef Kirk does not change the food much. Guests love their hand-crafted quality which has made it well-known. This clean-style fine dining place has a 40 seat capacity for guests.

Shang palace

This fine-dining restaurant is a specialist in Chinese food. Chef Mok Kit Keung has 40 years of experience in developing delicious tastes and flavors. He helps his expertise and the next generation of chefs. In Shang Palace, families can gather to enjoy their hospitality and taste food. When families with multiple generations have sat in this restaurant Asian elegance is nurtured on the floor.

Their highly acclaimed menu selection, crafted with perfected recipes handed down through generations of local chefs, bring together the best of traditional Chinese flavors and ingredients. The atmosphere is both relaxed and luxurious, making it a perfect place for romantic dinners. 

Whether it be sampling their array of dim sum, savoring an exquisite Peking Duck entree or lingering over dimly lit conversation – all these combine to create a memorable dining experience at Shang Palace restaurant.


It is located in National Gallery Singapore. It served Japanese French food and the place for best fine dining started in 2015. Their unique style of interior and cultural ingredients for food makes a romantic dinner memorable. Chef Julien Royer develops dishes with elegant and innovative styles. Odette is a beautiful place that is perfect to enjoy your meal and listen to relaxing music. Its service and staff are accommodating when needed courteously.

Odette is the ultimate destination for a delightful celebration of French cuisine in Singapore. Chef Julien Royer sources his ingredients from boutique suppliers from around the world, and this only adds depth and complexity to traditional French cooking techniques. While he stays true to the principles of classic French cuisine, his knowledge of Asian influences adds flair and distinct regional touches to each delectable course.


It is French Asian fine dining in Singapore. The chef of Cure is Andrew Walsh and prepared delicious finger food. The back of the restaurant is the open kitchen and the dining area is secluded, classical and dark. Their slate, black and dark wood create the look of British style. It is a romantic dining place for having a romantic dinner.  This restaurant gives a relaxed atmosphere and the served food has the taste of gourmet food. Their servers are generally knowledgeable, obedient, and ready to help at any time.

Tamarind Hill

This fine dining restaurant gives the impression of having been to Thailand because it is situated on the very top of Labrador villa Singapore. It is famous for Thai food for over a decade and specializes in Thai dishes. Its Chef Wanthana Nikonsaen is particularly focused on Northern Thai cuisine. It can be the best fine dining experience in Singapore with Thai dishes and they kept a spicy tone in a smaller portion. For Thai food lovers, Tamarind Kill is a good option.

National Kitchen by Violet Oon

National kitchen is a fine dining restaurant famous for Peranakan food in Singapore. Its lavish interior, delicious Peranakan food, and low ceiling. With main dishes, the portion of meals is typically modest. There is an excellent selection of food with Peranakan and local dishes and its food is not cheap. It offers an experience for those who wish to have unique fine dining each time. They serve a range of originals with flavor and especially focus on Peranakan. They utilize wooden floors in the interior design process and shimmy bronze that are woven subtly.

Les Amis

This fine dining restaurant is famous for French food and is located in Singapore’s central area. They brought Japanese influence to classic French food. The popularity of this restaurant is because of the building itself. Chef Sebastien Lepinoy prepared food and received praise for two years. He shows his expertise in technical skills and experts in serving freshly prepared meals with French ingredients. Their guests enjoy a unique exquisite dining experience because of friendly hosts, tempting prices, and a romantic atmosphere. It is an independent fine-dining restaurant that won many awards and received praise from guests and the media.


It is also a French fine dining restaurant located in the historical district of Singapore. Chef Josselin Jeanjean mixes various foods and cultures to make delightful dishes that make the senses happy. It is popular due to its relaxing music, comfortable furniture, stunning art, and decorative interior. Its food has the quality of mixing in season and seasonality that creates an unforgettable experience. In their food, they use organic products from across the globe based on seasonal availability. They also offer a wine of different types to choose from. They have an open kitchen to ensure their food quality.

If you are looking to experience the amazing best fine dining in Singapore, Gary’s is the place to be. There you can enjoy getting together and can celebrate all events and occasions. The experience will leave you craving to come back for more memories.

Singapore is every foodie’s dream come true, and the perfect place for an intimate dinner. The city is rich with exotic blends of flavors and cultures from all over Asia, meaning there are endless delicious options to choose from. The vibrant nightlife, hidden speakeasies, glow-in-the-dark bars and unique experiences make a romantic dinner in Singapore a truly unforgettable experience.