New years resolutions for families

I have to admit that I’m somewhat of a New Year’s Resolutions junkie. I love the idea of creating a good habit each year. In fact, I started doing monthly resolutions so that I didn’t have to wait until January to implement an idea for a resolution. My friend started doing Family Resolutions, so of course I had to piggy back on that, and want to try it for my family this year. Here are some resolutions that I came up with, feel free to add to them!

• Give up fast food
• Eat vegetables with each dinner
• Cut out soda
• Eat at least one meal per day that consists only of real food

• The family writes a letter to a person or another family each week
• Do a random act of kindness each week

• Learn a new word every day
• Get new books from the library once per month

• Go to church every week
• Sign up for a faith-based social group such as bible study

• Every time a problem is stated, the person must name 3 possible solutions
• Hold a family meeting each week
• Recycle
• Save a certain amount of money each week