List of family values

Each family has something important, constitutive, which builds the relations of like minded people, and which is taught to kids and for which people live. One third of a life we live together.

One fourth of our life we are parents. I think this is a reasonable time to make up a list of values.

1. To be your own self.

2. Cheer. Joke at others good-heartedly, be ironical about yourself. Always find time for laugh.

3. Invent and fantasize, optimize and craft.

4. Read.

5. Play, believe that games are essential and useful for all people regardless of age. Do not lose passion, interest and engagement.

6. Be free. Take decisions on your own. Understand, that one person does not belong to another.

7. Choose tasks and occupations. Value time of other people and your own.

8.Keep up to your own individual pace. Do not try to pack everything in time, to visit all planned places and to keep up to everything.

9. Do not lose interest to a present day. Live today, but do not wait for the future to come.

10. Strive to everyday household minimalism. Do not get affected by commercials of the society of consumers. Get rid of things which you do not use. Make do with a little.

11. Be tolerant. Get rid of the belief that faith, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical development, social position, education and other factors can make a person less valuable.

12. Do not stop thinking.

13. Occupy with real tasks. Be anxious about what you are doing and not about how much money it will bring to you.

14. Live in peace of mind and harmony with the world. Learn to feel yourself, your body and its needs. Follow the signs. Keep away of harmful things as well as from evil and depressed people. 15. Be honest. Avoid manipulations, intimidation, emotional traps.