Guest post your eyes windows to the soul and your wellbeing

It goes without saying that as we only get one pair of them during our lifetime, it is vitally important to look after our eyes. Many believe you can tell a lot about a person by looking into their eyes and there is more than element of truth in that statement. If it is an ophthalmic specialist who is looking


Kidecals review

Disclosure: I received complimentary KiDecals products in exchange for posting the following review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  This review was not guided by Kidecals, nor did they provide any suggestions or requirements as to how the review is written. I am really excited to write about a product that I tried recently, Kidecals.  Because I mostly write about methods of simplifying


Guest post adding healthy seafood to your daily diet

I’m so excited to have another guest poster today!  Joel Cordle wrote the following post on adding seafood to your diet. Joel Cordle is associated with George stone crab. At George stone crab you will get the best quality sea food, a Stone Crab claws. George Stone Crab packs and delivers the freshest stone crabs to your door, whether you


Mothers day shirt for kids to make

Last week I posted about a cute Mother’s Day flower pot for a child to make (you can find it here).  Tonight I realized that I really need to post about this cute Mother’s Day shirt as well.  This was also made for me by my daughter, with the help of our child care provider (have you noticed that she’s

Mothers day gift for a child to make

This is a very cute little Mother’s Day gift that our daycare provider made with our daughter last year.  It’s perfect for moms who work outside the home (like me) because we can keep it on our desks as a pen holder.  It also has a sweet little picture of your child, and a lot of their own painting.  If

Diy pacifier clip

For first time mothers, it is essential to have pacifier clips to avoid frequent pacifier sterilizing. It is a normal to have days where most babies play with their pacifiers and throw them at germ-infested places; however, it is stressful. Some mothers tried the ‘easy yet really dangerous’ way to keep pacifiers from missing: pinning it on their baby’s clothing

Playroom organization

Like most houses with young children, we seem to have a never-ending supply of toys.  It’s always a challenge to get them organized because there is just so much stuff.  I started applying my own rules for my possessions to my kids.  As a minimalist-in-training, I only buy something if it fits into one of the following categories: 1) I

Link love thursday 23

Hi everybody!  As you’ve noticed I took a blogging hiatus over the past couple of weeks.  I was doing a lot of traveling and keeping busy with all kinds of fun events.  When I started opening up this blog party, I was really excited to be “back at it.”  I loved looking through the links from the last party, and

Link love thursday 22

Oh no! You may have noticed last week that my InLinkz was not working for my link party. So, I did not get to see your links. Link. Party. Fail. Anyway, here are the features again from the previous link party: Living Well Spending Less: Sugar Crusted Blueberry Cake with Sour Cream Glaze Thread Riding Hood: Sew Much Ado Diaper

Guest post the pros and cons of corrective eye surgery

Today I’m happy to have a guest poster!  This is a guest post by Samantha, a freelance writer and health expert. She also loves reading and blogging. The new thing in the world of eye health is eye surgery that can restore your vision to a perfect 20/20. For individuals who have worn glasses for decades, this can seem like

Link love thursday 20

Welcome to Link Love Thursday!  I’m so glad you joined this week!  If this is your first time, please grab a button from my Link Parties page. First, here are the features from last week: Living Well Spending Less: Chalkboard Canvas Wall Art DIY Coconut Head Survival Guide: Patriotic Food Made in a Day: Jute Rope Mirror Ballard Inspired Home

Link love thursday 19

Thanks for coming back to Link Love Thursday!  Or, if it’s your first time – thanks for joining!  As usual, there were some completely awesome links posted last week.  I love looking through all of them – you all are so creative! Here are the features from last week: Pursuit of Functional Home: Roti Prata with Cheese and Chocolate Enchanting

Link love thursday 18

Welcome back to Link Love Thursday!  Thank you for being patient during my hiatus.  This upcoming week, look for a continuation of the Make it Yourself series, and remodel reveals.  I’m so excited about these! Here are the features from last week.  As always – such talent and creativity! Pint Sized Treasures: No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Bites Hoyby Crafts: Chalkboard

An update for the week

Hi everybody!  I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I will not be having my weekly link party today.  I have a conference this week, and I’ll be out of town next week (although I do plan on still having the link party next week, and will have features from last week’s party).  I do have some upcoming posts that I’m

Link love thursday 17

Hi, friends!  Welcome back to Link Love Thursday!  Thank you so much for joining and linking up.  If this is your first time at the party, here is some background: you can grab a button from my Link Parties page.  Feel free to link up anything that you’re proud of – recipes, crafts, parties, articles – you get the idea. 

Link love thursday 16

Welcome back to Link Love Thursday! First, I have some exciting news!  I’m working on a series of how to make your own organic homemade products, such as hygiene and cleaning products.  I’ve been doing a lot of research and experimenting, which is why I didn’t get a chance to post at all this week!  I’d rather not post anything

Link love thursday 15

Welcome to another Link Love Thursday!! First, the announcements: as many of you know, I am working on a book about children’s acts of kindness.  A part of this book will include true stories and examples.  If you personally know a child and would like an excerpt of him or her to be included in the book, please let me

Link love thursday 14

Hello, friends!  Welcome to another Link Love Thursday!  I’m excited for this one because I have an awesome giveaway.  This week I teamed up with Mother’s Niche to offer 5 of these adorable quiet books (below).  I have seen them both in their entirety, and they are just wonderful!  Each book has cute little quiet activities for children to complete –

Link love thursday 13

Hello, friends!  Welcome back to Link Love Thursday.  First, here are the features from last week.  If you didn’t join, please check out all of the links – we’ve got some pretty creative people around here! Brent and Rachel Easley: Washi Tape & Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs What’s Cooking with Ruthie: Spring Rice Krispie Nests With a Blast: Budget Friendly

Link love thursday 12

Hello!  Thanks for joining again, or for the first time, on Link Love Thursday! First – I promise, I’m joining link parties again this week – starting tomorrow (Thursday).  Now I finally have some new posts to link up.  I’ve received a lot of invites to link parties over the last few weeks and haven’t been able to join yet,

Guest post and upcoming post

Hello!  Today I have a guest post over at Kreative Creationz!  You can check it out here: Weigh in Wednesday Week 3 Guest Post.  This site is run by Kendra – she has a lot of great ideas for recipes, crafts and how-tos.  Each week she has a Weigh in Wednesday post where you can follow and join her health

Link love thursday 11

Welcome back to Link Love Thursday!  First – YIKES – I have only had one blog post this past week.  I’ve also been slacking big time on joining other link parties.  I’ve been focusing on finishing my two books, working on some big family developments, and for some reason a lot of my loved ones are going through hard times

Link love thursday 24

Thank you for joining my weekly link party, Link Love Thursday!  First, for the features from last week: Craft Thyme: Faux Sea Glass Tutorial Krysta Steen: Cowboy Caviar Life with the Crust Off: Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwiches I can’t wait to see all of your great creations!  If this is your first time, welcome!  Feel to link up crafts, recipes,

Link love thursday 21

Thanks for visiting my weekly link party!  First, for the features from my last party: Made in a Day: DIY Cabana Striped Nautical Rug My Recipe Magic: Watermelon Slice Cookies The Koenigs Create: Sewing Cabinet Makeover This Silly Girls Life: Loaded Potato Skins The TipToe Fairy: Peach Lemonade I can’t wait to see what you all have to link up

Link love thursday 10

Welcome back to Link Love Thursday!  I’m glad you joined and can’t wait to see all the great ideas from this past week. First, a quick update.  A lot of the bloggers that I connect with are beginners (like me!).  Over the past couple of weeks I have started working with a marketing company that is interested in advertising opportunities

link love thursday 9

Welcome back to Link Love Thursday – my favorite day!  There are always great links posted – I can’t wait to see all of them. First, I have a quick announcement.  I’m going to have 3 small giveaways on Facebook tomorrow (I like to do these frequently), so if you like free stuff, be sure to like my Facebook page

Link love thursday 8

It’s time for my favorite day of the week again: Link Love Thursday!!  Please link up anything you’ve created this week that you’d like to show off.  You can also grab a button under my Link Parties page. If you missed my announcement last week, I have an ebook coming out soon about teaching kids kindness.  If you have any ideas that