Getting the most from your iphone camera

I feel funny writing a post about photography when clearly I am not the best photographer.  However, I’ve been learning a lot and when I look over my scrapbooks, the quality of my pictures has improved unbelievably in the past few months.  The best part is that I haven’t spent any money – I have just learned simple photography techniques,

5 minute 1 girls hair accessories

The other day I realized that my daughter could use some more hair accessories – partly thanks to the dog, who has chewed up half of them, and partly thanks to her, for taking them out everywhere we go. When we went to buy some they were cute, but seemed super overpriced.  I thought that even an uncrafty mom like

Diy musical scrapbook

Back when I had more time on my hands (i.e. before I had kids), scrapbooking was one of my favorite hobbies. I always wanted to find ways to make them memorable but was not able to come up with any new ideas.  Of course, once I stopped scrapbooking, I finally had my great scrapbooking idea!  I was inspired when opening