Bathroom and laundry room reveal

I’m so excited about our recent, much needed, house renovations.  For this post, I’m going to show our makeover in our bathroom/laundry room.  I wasn’t able to get “before” pictures until the renovations already started, but you’ll get the idea of how bad it was from these pictures.

Before showing the whole finished room, I’ll show the details.

Here is our new ironing supplies hook.  I love it because it holds everything we need to iron, and has a handy place for the ironing board.

There’s also a hook for the drying rack.

We got rid of the nasty cabinets above the washing machine, and replaced them with nicer looking shelves.

We found this towel rack, and the towels, at IKEA.  I love the little hook on the hand towel!

This is not very exciting, but here is the new toilet, with the toilet paper holder.  Hey, it’s the little things in life.

We also got this sink, vanity, and mirror cabinet at IKEA.

I do need to note here, however, that it’s pretty tricky to buy these from IKEA.  As much as I love that store, all of their products that require plumbing are set up for European codes.  European houses have water pipes that go straight into the wall.  Because of this, we had to cut out sections of the drawers to fit around the pipes.

And here is the room, completely finished.  I hope you like it!