5 minute snowman appetizer spinach dip in a bread bowl

I offered to bring an appetizer to a party this year, and wanted to bring something festive.

Thanks to Pinterest, I had a ton of winter or Christmas-themed dessert ideas, but I couldn’t find an easy and fun appetizer.

My go-to party recipe is spinach dip in a bread bowl, so I decided to put a spin on it.  To my surprise (and my husband’s), it actually worked!  It took 5 minutes and it was a huge hit.  Here’s the recipe:

You’ll need:

–5 medium sized uncut rolls

–1 cup mayonnaise

–1 16-oz. tub of sour cream

–1 10-oz. package frozen spinach

–2 packages of dry leek soup or dry french onion soup

–5 slices of rye bread

–1 baby carrot


On three of the rolls, hollow them out to make little bowls.  With the bread that you removed, tear it up into pieces for dipping.  Tear up the other 2 rolls as well, also for dipping.  Mix the mayonnaise, sour cream, spinach, and dry soup mix in a bowl.  Fill the three bread bowls with the mayonnaise mixture, and arrange the bowls on top of one another in a casserole dish, to make a snowman.  Tear off small pieces of rye bread to make the snowman’s eyes and buttons.  Use full slices to make his hat.  Stick the baby carrot in the top bread bowl as the snowman’s nose.  Arrange the torn up roll pieces around the snowman.

Hope you enjoy it!