5 minute 1 girls hair accessories

The other day I realized that my daughter could use some more hair accessories – partly thanks to the dog, who has chewed up half of them, and partly thanks to her, for taking them out everywhere we go.

When we went to buy some they were cute, but seemed super overpriced.  I thought that even an uncrafty mom like myself would be able to make these.  You probably already have what you need in your house, but if not, the supplies would be very inexpensive at a craft store.  If you don’t have plain girls’ hair clips, you can use bobby pins.  Here are the 5 hair accessories that I came up with:

This one was very simple.  I found this floral thread in the ribbon section of the fabric store, and just wrapped it around a headband, hot gluing it in a few places.

All I did for this one is take four small pieces of tulle, wrap them around each other, and hot glue them to a girl’s hair clip.

To make this hair bow, I used two different patterns of ribbon.  I curled them with scissors, and hot glued them to a hair clip.  Then I wrapped a small black ribbon around the clip, to hide the place where I glued the other ribbons.

This one was the most simple of all of them, but happened to be my daughter’s favorite.  As you can tell, all I did was tie some different ribbons on to a hair tie.  Easy!

For this final hair bow, I only used a hair clip, small piece of felt, and button.  I cut the heart in the felt (you can use any pattern you would like, I chose a heart for Valentine’s Day), and hot glued the button.  Then I simply glued it on to a hair clip.