My blog and i

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am a freelance writer who enjoys reading and writing about parenting, home management, health, and life in general.  Once I read a quote that said “I buy books the way most women buy shoes.”  That quote completely sums up my life (only for non-fiction how-to type books; I just haven’t been able to get into fiction).  Being a book person, and an ideas person, blogging seemed to be a perfect fit for me.  The purpose of my writing is to simplify and enhance the lives of my audience.  My goal is to publish a book that supplements this blog.

The most important part of my life is being a wife and mother.  I am so blessed to have my husband and children.  Outside of that full-time job, I also work in academia.

While I did learn a lot in school (seeing as I was a full-time student non-stop from preschool until I was 28), the information in this blog was learned mostly from books and from my family.  I come from a huge family, and my parents always both worked full-time and went to school while raising us children.  I’ve been very lucky to have learned so much from my parents and grandparents – if anyone knows anything about time management and making life as simple as humanly possible, it’s them.

Through this blog I hope to share and receive useful information.  Please leave comments on my posts to share your own knowledge, provide constructive criticism, or simply react to the writing.  I also always welcome article requests and questions.

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I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day!